ZOOMLINE successfully signed an order for asphalt plant with a Zimbabwe customer

Release Time: 2022-02-28
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Country: Zimbabwe

Transaction time: January 2022

Product: 80 t/h super mobile asphalt mixing plant

Model: ZAP-C80M

Color: Blue

Henan ZOOMLINE Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional mixing plant manufacturer. The “one-trailer-mounted” asphalt plant is optimized and redesigned on the basis of our fixed continuous asphalt mixing plant and traditional mobile continuous asphalt mixing plant. The high integration of the asphalt plant is realized. One trailer can realize all the functional requirements of the asphalt mixing plant (cold material supply, drying, mixing, dust removal, lifting to the finished silo, etc.), which can meet the needs of users for rapid installation, rapid transition, and rapid production requirements. Up to now, our “one-trailer-mounted” continuous asphalt mixing plant has been exported to Europe, Africa, North America and other countries. .

This Zimbabwean customers who have transacted this time are our old customers. Two years ago, the customer purchased a set of asphalt plant from us and was very satisfied with the quality of our products and after-sales service. Due to the increasing demand for road construction in Zimbabwe, the government launched the ERRP project. The client therefore decided to purchase another asphalt plant. Thank customers for their trust and support.

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