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20-200TPH Continuous Asphalt Plant
20-200TPH Continuous Asphalt Plant
20-200TPH Continuous Asphalt Plant
20-200TPH Continuous Asphalt Plant
20-200TPH Continuous Asphalt Plant
20-200TPH Continuous Asphalt Plant
20-200TPH Continuous Asphalt Plant
20-200TPH Continuous Asphalt Plant

Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant

Continuous drum mix asphalt plant with simple structure and low equipment investment.
Capacity: 20~200t/h
Fuel Consumption (oil): 5.5-7kg/t
Drying Drum Size: (1000~4500)*(1950~9000)mm
Operation Method: Manual/Semi-automatic
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Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant

The continuous asphalt mixing plant is mainly composed of the cold aggregate supply system, drying drum, continuous mixer (Optional), burning system, dust collecting system, finished asphalt storage silo, bitumen supply system, and control system.
Continuous Drum Mix Asphalt Plant– economical and highly portable alternative to batch asphalt mixing plants, it produce the asphalt mixture in the drum which also dry the aggregate continuously.

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20-200TPH Continuous Asphalt Plant
Product advantages
Main Advantages of Continuous Drum Mix Asphalt Plant

I.ZAP-C(M) series Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant

ZOOMLINE ZAP-C(M) series asphalt mixing plant is a continuous type asphalt mixing plant that can produce the asphalt mixture continuously. It is very different from the batch asphalt mixing plant.

Main Features of ZAP-C(M) series Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant

1.Simple structure, easy to move and maintain, and with low equipment investment.
2.Concurrent type drying drum structure, the efficiency of heating aggregate is much higher than downstream type, fuel consumption is lower, and save energy.
3.Separated continuous type mixer, the mixing performance is high and make sure the quality of asphalt mixture.
4.Scraper type elevator take the asphalt mixture cleaning and smoothly.
5.Can be equipped with RAP and filler system.


II.DHB series Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

The basic components of the DHB series asphalt mixing plant include a cold material supply system, filter, drying drum, elevator, dust collector, finished product silo, bitumen supply system, and photoelectric control system.

Features of DHB series Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

1.Modular design with a rational layout and structure. This enables the equipment to be quickly transferred to different locations, making it convenient for transportation, installation, and debugging.
2.Simple structure that is easier to diagnose faults. This makes daily maintenance more convenient and cost-efficient, while saving on labor costs.
3.A large number of maintenance-free parts are used, which reduces procurement and repair costs. It optimizes power configuration, thereby saving on energy resources. The use of advanced combustion technology results in the lowest fuel consumption, thus guaranteeing the lowest production energy consumption costs.
4.Intelligent control system with high-quality electrical components: Advanced system control technology is used, along with internationally renowned brands of high-quality control hardware. This makes the control system reliable, expandable, and easy to maintain.

Technical Parameters
Technical Parameters of Continuous Drum Mix Asphalt Plant
Model ZAP-C(M)20 ZAP-C(M)40 ZAP-C(M)60 ZAP-C(M)80 ZAP-C(M)120 ZAP-C(M)160
Plant Capacity 20t/h 40t/h 60t/h 80t/h 120t/h 160t/h

Cold Aggregate Feeding System

Hopper Capacity 3x4m3 4x4m3 4 x 6.5m3 4 x 6.5m3 4 x 8m3 5 x 8m3
Belt Capacity 40t/h 60t/h 80t/h 100t/h 140t/h 180t/h

Drying System

Drying Drum Size 1000x4500mm 1200x5000mm 1500x6500mm 1500x6500mm 1800x8000mm 1950x9000mm
Drying Capacity 15-25t/h 40-50t/h 60-70t/h 80-100t/h 120-140t/h 160-180t/h
Burner (Optional coal, Oil , gas,Oil And Gas Dual-use Burner)

Dust Collecting System

Exhaust Fan Power 5.5kw 7.5kw 30kw 30kw 2x45kw 2x55kw
Finished Asphalt Silo 2m3 2.5m3 4.5m3 4.5m3 6.5m3 8m3
Asphalt Temperature 130-160 ℃ 130-160 ℃ 130-160 ℃ 130-160 ℃ 130-160 ℃ 130-160 ℃
Total Power 27kw 57kw 92kw 100kw 135kw 180kw


Model Productivity(t/h) Weighing accuracy Total power(KW) Dust removal Oil consumption(kg/t) Operation method
Aggregate Bitumen Standard
DHB-20 20 ±1.5% ±1% 40 Cyclone + secondary water dust removal (bag filter is optional)) 5.5-7 Manual/Semi-automatic
DHB-40 40 ±1.5% ±1% 75 5.5-7
DHB-60 60 ±1.5% ±1% 118 5.5-7
DHB-80 80 ±1.5% ±1% 132 5.5-7



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