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80-400TPH Eco-friendly Asphalt Plant
80-400TPH Eco-friendly Asphalt Plant
80-400TPH Eco-friendly Asphalt Plant
80-400TPH Eco-friendly Asphalt Plant
80-400TPH Eco-friendly Asphalt Plant
80-400TPH Eco-friendly Asphalt Plant
80-400TPH Eco-friendly Asphalt Plant
80-400TPH Eco-friendly Asphalt Plant

Eco-friendly Asphalt Mixing Plant

Full-environmental asphalt mixing plant with the strict environmental protection standards.
Capacity: 80~400t/h
Mixer Capacity: 1000~5000kg
Bitumen Aggregate Ratio: 3%-9%
Mineral Powder Proportion: 4%-12%
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Product advantages
Main Features of Eco-friendly Asphalt Mixing Plant

As a professional R&D manufacturer of asphalt mixing plant, how to make the asphalt mixing plant more energy-efficient and more eco-friendly has always been the aim of ZOOMLINE Machinery.
For the pollution problems from the asphalt mixing plant, we have launched a full-environmental asphalt mixing plant with the strict environmental protection standards. From the storage, transportation, heating, mixing and unloading of the asphalt and aggregates, we have achieved environmental protection and effective control. It becomes the pioneer of environmental transformation of asphalt mixing plant because it can be controlled for the producing harmful flue gas, dust and high energy consumption in the production process.

Dust collection: Negative pressure treatment of the mixing tower, the part of vibrating screen, weighing, mixing and hot storage silo are all equipped with a negative pressure device, which can control the emission of the dust in the main tower fundamentally. The dust removal system adopts a rotary back flushing dust collector, two-stage dust removal and off-line cleaning. Efficient dust removal system.
The design is special in over-limit material, overflow temporary storage bin, fully enclosed overflow hopper, overflow material, over-limit material hoarding treatment, not directly discharged and centralized treatment when storage silo is full, which can prevent the dust emission from the continuous flashing. 
The aggregate is stored by sealing and the material yard is enclosed fully to prevent the dust from flowing outwards. It avoids the increase moisture of aggregates because of the rain in the open air to reduce the additional energy consumption in drying the aggregate.
Cold feed bins and belt dust removal system: The three-side all-package of the batching station solves the dust problem of the raising dust. The feeding belt is encapsulated, the batching system is increased by the controllable negative pressure encapsulation, and the suction belt is added at the feeding belt to solve the dusting problem of the belt conveyor.
For the waste dust emitted from recycled waste powder, we use the Self-research and development's waste powder processor.It can control the amount of recycled powder, accurately control the water-cement ratio, and recover after humidification. The effect is obvious and it will not cause dust and mud to pollute the environment.
When the finished product is loaded, there will always be a large amount of flue gas and dust floating out. With the blue smoke collection system from the patented technology of the ZOOMLINE and the sealing structure of the finished material receiving area , it can prevent the smoke from emission. For the dust absorption added in the part of unloading area,the dust from the material of mixer-cleaning and waste material and the asphalt flue gas can be disposed in effective purification.
Technical Parameters
Technical Parameters of Eco-friendly Asphalt Mixing Plant
Model ZAP-H80 ZAP-H120 ZAP-H160 ZAP-H200 ZAP-H240 ZAP-H320 ZAP-H400
Capacity (Standard Condition) 80t/h 120t/h 160t/h 200t/h 240t/h 320t/h 400t/h
Rated Capacity of Mixer 1000kg/batch 1500kg/batch 2000kg/batch 2500kg/batch 3500kg/batch 4500kg/batch 5000kg/batch
Bitumen Aggregate Ratio 3%-9%
Mineral Powder Proportion 4%-12%
Mixed Material Temperature

(Common Asphalt Mixture)

Fuel Consumption(Standard Conditions) 6.5kg/t finished product
Total Installed Power 263kw 393kw 458kw 584kw 626kw 813kw 936kw
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