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Recycling Asphalt Plant
Recycling Asphalt Plant
Recycling Asphalt Plant
Recycling Asphalt Plant
Recycling Asphalt Plant
Recycling Asphalt Plant
Recycling Asphalt Plant
Recycling Asphalt Plant

Recycling Asphalt Plant

Recycle asphalt plant could increase output and reduce the cost of production in operation.
Mixer Capacity: 1500-5000kg
RAP Add Ratio: 30%-50%
Emission Concentration:<30mg/Nm³(Bag house dust filter)
Filtering Area: 650-1600m²
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Recycling Asphalt Plant (RAP)

On the basis of many years of experience in construction experience and absorbed advanced experience at home and abroad, ZOOMLINE Asphalt Recycling Mixing Plant(RAP)series has solved the big problem of adhesion which the asphalt regenerated material in the recycling operation for the normal additional asphalt though independent innovation research and development. It can keep the normal production of the asphalt mixing plant and add a certain proportion of asphalt recovery to stir in the mixing cylinder with aggregate, so as to increasing output and reduce the cost of production in operation.
In order to achieve this goal, the capacity of the mixing cylinder in Asphalt plant is increased and the bag dust collector is equipped to meet the heat regeneration equipment. The configuration of the integral Recycling asphalt plant in ZOOMLINE machinery is diversified, in which a separate mixing tank for recycled bitumen and regenerant can be added to the main recycling building according to customer requirements.

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Recycling Asphalt Plant
Product advantages
Main Features of Recycling Asphalt Plant
Excellent cost-effective - Drying, Mixing, surplus design Dust removal, High overall output. The drying drum and Mixer using long life wear-resistant parts with long service life.
High efficiency and energy saving- The burner adopts high efficiency medium atomization and high combustion efficiency. The thermal storage bins are insulated, and thermal insulation measures are adopted for all the heat operation steps.
Environmental protection - the whole station has packaging, dust removal, ventilation and other equipment. The storehouse is equipped with bituminous smoke treatment equipment.
Reliable operation- Key components adopt international first-class brands, and transmission parts have safety protection devices.
Easy to expand - the whole station adopts modular design concept, and the functional components are easy to expand. A variety of customization needs can be provided.  
Technical Parameters
Technical Parameters of Recycling Asphalt Plant
Model ZAP-S80 ZAP-S120 ZAP-S120 ZAP-S160 ZAP-S160 ZAP-S200 ZAP-S240 ZAP-S240 ZAP-S320
&RAP60 &RAP60 &RAP80 &RAP80 &RAP120 &RAP120 &RAP120 &RAP160 &RAP160
Raw Material Production Capacity

(under standard conditions)

80T/H 120T/H 120T/H 160T/H 160T/H 200T/H 240T/H 240T/H 320T/H
RAP Production Capacity

(under standard conditions)

60T/H 60T/H 80T/H 80T/H 120T/H 120T/H 120T/H 160T/H 160T/H
Total Output of Equipment (under standard conditions, including RAP) 120T/H 180T/H 200T/H 240T/H 280T/H 280T/H 320T/H 360T/H 400T/H
Installed Power(KW) 265+130 370+130 370+150 500+150 500+210 570+210 640+210 640+300 870+300
Emission Concentration <30mg/Nm³ (Bag house dust filter)
Environmental Noise <80 db (control room)
Mixer Capacity 1500kg/batch 2500kg/batch 2500kg/batch 3000kg/batch 3500kg/batch 3500kg/batch 4000kg/batch 4500kg/batch 5000kg/batch
Measuring Accuracy Static: Aggregate: 0.5% Powder: 0.3% Asphalt: 0.2% Recycled material: 0.5% Additive: 0.2%
Filtering Area(㎡) 650 700 770 1050 1150 1150 1350 1350 1600
RAP Add Ratio 50% 50% 50% 30% 40% 40% 35% 50% 40%
Optional Items 1.Bitumen smoke treatment system.
2.The whole station package and dust collecting system.
3.Foam asphalt system (warm mixing system).
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