ZOOMLINE 6TPH Bitumen Emulsion Plant Was Successfully Sent to Kenya

Release Time: 2022-02-28
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Country: Kenya

Loading date: Dec. 2021

Product: 1-6TPH Bitumen Emulsion Plant

Model: YR6

Voltage & Frequency: 415V/50Hz

In December 2021, Beijing time, the 6t/h bitumen emulsion plant we produced for Kenyan customers was successfully loaded into containers and sent to Qingdao Port.

The bitumen emulsion plant designed and produced by ZOOMLINE has the advantages of self-assembly, convenient movement, simple operation, low investment and high return. It is a special equipment for producing emulsified bitumen. The bitumen is broken into tiny particles by mechanical force under the action of the emulsifier, and uniformly dispersed in water to form a stable emulsion, that is, emulsified bitumen. Emulsified bitumen is mainly used in highway and urban road engineering as a permeable layer, an adhesive layer and a surface layer binding material. It is also suitable for the preparation of waterproof coatings and waterproof membranes in the construction industry, as well as cold mix and cold recycling applications.

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