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Emulsified Bitumen Equipment
Emulsified Bitumen Equipment
Emulsified Bitumen Equipment
Emulsified Bitumen Equipment
Emulsified Bitumen Equipment
Emulsified Bitumen Equipment
Emulsified Bitumen Equipment
Emulsified Bitumen Equipment

Emulsified Bitumen Equipment

Emulsified bitumen equipment is widely used in highway construction and highway maintenance projects.
Capacity: 6-10T/H
Bitumen Emulsified Fineness: ≤5um accounted for 85%
Emulsion Blending Tank: 1150*1250mm
Bitumen Transfer Tank: 1500*1400*1500mm
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Emulsified Bitumen Equipment

The bitumen emulsifying equipment developed by our company has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, wide range of bitumen content, stable quality, and can meet the requirements of different construction technologies.

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Emulsified Bitumen Equipment
Main Features of Emulsified Bitumen Equipment
The equipment adopts automatic control and double emulsion tank to achieve continuous production, saving manpower and reducing labor intensity.
The emulsified bitumen production core component emulsifier (ie colloid mill) is developed by our company and adopts a unique stator-rotor clearance adjustment structure to maintain a very small stable gap. The specially treated stator and rotor have good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, ensuring emulsification effect and stability.
Equipped with a high-efficiency heat exchanger, the finished emulsified bitumen is cooled to normal temperature by a heat exchanger, which improves its storage stability and provides possibilities for continuous large-scale micro-surface construction.
Adopt PLC control to precisely control the bitumen content (oil-water ratio) of emulsified bitumen.
The heat transfer oil heating system is convenient, efficient and efficient, and can realize automatic temperature control.
All materials in contact with the emulsion are made of high quality stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance and can be applied to various types of emulsified bitumen production.
Technical Parameters
Technical Parameters of Emulsified Bitumen Equipment
Model YR-6 YR-8 YR-10
Capacity 1-6T/H 1-8T/H 1-10T/H
Bitumen Emulsified Fineness ≤5um accounted for 85% ≤5um accounted for 85% ≤5um accounted for 85%
Parting Size (L*W*H) 6000*2000*2300mm 6000*2000*2300mm 10000*2300*2300mm
Emulsion Blending Tank (Diameter*height) 1150*1250mm 1150*1250mm 1150*1250mm
Bitumen Transfer Tank 1500*1400*1500mm 1500*1400*1500mm 1800*1500*1500mm
Water Heating Tank (L*W*H) 1500*1400*1500mm 1500*1400*1500mm 1800*1500*1500mm
Finished Box (L*W*H) 1000*800*800mm 1000*800*800mm 1800*1500*1500mm
Bitumen Speed Regulating Pump Model LCP-5A LCP-5A LCP-5A
Motor YCT160-4B(4kw) YCT160-4B(4kw) YCT160-4B(4kw)
Flow 4.5T/H 5T/H 5T/H
Emulsion Speed Control Pump Model LCP-5B LCP-5B LCP-5B
Motor YCT160-4B(3kw) YCT160-4B(3kw) YCT160-4B(3kw)
Flow 5T/h 5T/h 5T/h
Emulsification Machine Model MR-10 RH-10 RH-10
Motor Y160M2-2(30kw) Y160M2-2(30kw) Y160M2-2(37kw)
Flow 6T/H 10T/H 10T/H
Conveying Pump Model LCBS-6A LCBS-6A LCBS-6A
Motor Y132Ml-6(3kw) Y132Ml-6(4kw) Y132Ml-6(4kw)
Flow 6T/H 10T/H 10T/H
Components Features of Emulsified Bitumen Equipment

1. Clear Water System
It is composed of water tank, water pump, pipeline, etc.

2. Emulsion System
It is composed of emulsion tank AB, flowmeter, emulsion pump, regulating valve, etc.

3. Additive System (Selection)

4. Bitumen Supply System
It is composed of asphalt tank, asphalt pump, asphalt pipeline, asphalt tank, etc.

5. Emulsified Bitumen System
It consists of emulsifier, sampling valve, heat exchanger, etc.

6. Heat Exchange System
It consists of heat exchanger, emulsified asphalt discharge pipeline, submersible pump (or sewage pump) and cooling water inlet and outlet pipeline.

7. Heat Conducting Oil System
The system is a closed-circuit system with automatic temperature control. Under the action of the heat conducting oil pump, the heated heat conducting oil heaters the parts that need to be heated, and finally returns to the heat conducting oil pump.

8. Pneumatic Control System (Selection)
The system uses air compressor as power source and controls five pneumatic valves (normally closed) to open and close through five solenoid valves, which facilitates the opening and closing of water injection and drainage pipelines.

9. Electrical Control System
The electrical control system of the equipment includes two control systems: manual control and automatic control.
The bitumen pump is controlled by frequency converter to realize infinite speed change and to control the bitumen flow conveniently and accurately.
Each motor has an overload protection device.


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