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Release Time: 2022-02-14
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Country: Kazakhstan

Transaction time: January 2022

Product: New Type Coal Burner

Model: MFR-S2000

Voltage & Frequency: 380V/50Hz


Our Coal burners use bituminous coal as fuel. They are loved by the majority of users because of their cost-effective advantages and are widely used in metallurgy, chemistry, drying, papermaking, boilers, asphalt mixing plants and other industries. With the progress of the society and the higher and higher requirements for environmental protection, our company has carried out a new redesign and transformation of the traditional coal-fired burner, abandoning the traditional burner with many wearing parts, large volume, and inconvenient maintenance. In addition to other shortcomings, it also greatly improves the combustion efficiency of pulverized coal, which helps buyers save costs and is more conducive to environmental protection.

The new type of coal burner is equipped with an integrated Siemens PLC and touch screen for truly fully automated control. At present, our company has developed and produced coal-fired burners, kerosene dual-purpose burners, gas dual-purpose burners, and kerosene-gas triple-purpose burners, which have been well received by customers in practical applications.

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Cost comparison of oil burners and coal burners

For example: a 160T/H asphalt mixing plant works 10 hours a day to calculate: (Due to the differences in local prices, the data is for reference only)

oil burners coal burners
Diesel consumption:7x160x10=11200(kg/day) Coall consumption:12x160x10=19200(kg/day)
Burner power consumption


Burner power consumption


RMB Cost:6×11200+0.8×300=67440(yuan/day) additional worker wages


  RMB Cost:0.8×19200+0.8×980+240=16384(yuan/day)
Daily savings:67440-16384=51056(yuan)


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