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What we do
Product Introduction
ZOOMLINE products covers the construction machinery, including the asphalt mixing plant, stabilized soil mixing station and cement concrete mixing plant, also specialized in the energy equipment, like burner, oxidized asphalt, pulverized coal preparation production line. At the same time, we supply the corollary equipment to satisfied the customer's production demands.
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What we do
20+Year Professional Manufacturer, Build Your Dream Road Together
Perfect after-sales service and all-round service network are the guarantee of ZOOMLINE to provide the quality services.
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Equipment Consultant Service
We offering the suggestions on constructions and recommend the suitable equipment for client.
Equipment Customization Service
We can customize design and process design for your project, and design and manufacture products according to your special needs.
Installation & Commissioning Service
Our engineers go to the client’s site to guide them to installation, debugging and training operators.
Remote Control System & Maintenance Service
Our engineers can diagnose the problem directly and offer an appropriate solution through the remote control system.
Spare Parts Supply Service
We guarantee the supply of original spare parts in the whole working life of the ZOOMLINE equipment.
7*24H Online Service
Whenever there is any accidental technical problem or need support, we are here and will reply within 6 hours.
Online Services
Do you have any questions about our products?
You can always contact us through info@zoomline.biz or +86 18838114766 to get the support.
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Question Answers
We believe that answers below will be vital and helpful for you starting your business. You will find quick answers to the most common questions here.
What payment terms are available for your company?
T/T (Telegraphic Transfer), L/C(Letter of credit), BG (bank guarantee), D/P(Documents against Payment), D/A((Documents against Acceptance), Western Union and other.
How long is needed for installation working of one set asphalt mixing plant?
20-30 working days for batch asphalt mixing plant, and 10-20 working days for continuous(drum) asphalt mixing plant.
How many person are needed for the operation of whole asphalt mixing plant ?
Six persons 
What’s your asphalt mixing plant model means ?
For example ZAP-S160: “ZAP” means ZOOMLINE Asphalt Plant, “S” means Stationary, “160” means the capacity of asphalt plant is 160TPH. “ZAP-S160” model mean ZOOMLINE stationary asphalt mixing plant with capacity of 160TPH. While “ZAP-M120” model mean ZOOMLINE mobile asphalt mixing plant with capacity of 120TPH.
How long is the service life of your asphalt mixing plant ?
Normally, the service life of our batch asphalt mixing plant is over 15 years, and it of our continuous (drum) asphalt mixing plant is over 10 years.
How about the quality guarantee period of your asphalt mixing plant ?
The guarantee period of our asphalt mixing plan is 15 months, we will bear the quality issue of all parts except wearing parts in guarantee period.
How about the spare parts supply of your company?
We will provide some wearing parts along with whole asphalt mixing plant to user freely, and user can purchase more wearing parts along with whole asphalt mixing plant.  We will keep the spare parts supply to user in the whole service life of asphalt mixing plant.
How about the after sales service of your company ?
We will send professional technical staff to user’s project working site to guide installing work, and commissioning the plant and training the operators of the buyer. And ZOOMLINE provide the technical support service to user’s within the whole service life of asphalt mixing plant.
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Tel: + 86 18838114766