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Asphalt Plant Components
Asphalt Plant Components
Asphalt Plant Components
Asphalt Plant Components
Asphalt Plant Components
Asphalt Plant Components
Asphalt Plant Components
Asphalt Plant Components

Asphalt Plant Components

Asphalt Plant Components mainly shows the core parts of asphalt mixing plant.
Drying Drum: Long service life, Low fuel cost
Vibrating Screen: 40-320T/H with 4-6 layers
Bitumen Tank: Hot oil / electric heating / directly heating
Control System: PLC control, SIEMENS electrical element
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Components Features
Asphalt Plant Components
Drying Drum
Drying Drum
  • 1.Drying drum is one of the core components of asphalt mixing plant. The performance of drying drum directly determine the production of a complete set of asphalt mixing plant.
  • 2.long service life: Both the body and the internal blades of the drying drum are made of heat resistant boiler plate. Outside surface is covered by stainless steel. Friction driving rollers adopt plastic material. All the items can increase the service life.
  • 3.Energy saving: The blade geometry of the dryer has been optimized to deliver an exceptionally efficient drying and heating process with reduced energy consumption, improve heating efficiency 30% than conventional design. Heat insulation material covering can reduce heating lost. Low emission: Adopt high combustion efficiency Italian EBICO, FRD burner or coal burner, full burning, low exhaust gas emission.
  • 4.Low fuel cost: Users can select a more cost effective fuel according to latest market price.
  • 5.We provide stationary and mobile type drying drums for choice.
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Vibrating Screen
Vibrating Screen
  • ZOOMLINE vibrating screen is specially designed for asphalt mixing plant.
  • 1.High wear resistance screen (65Mn) with longer working life and lower maintenance cost. The size can be designed according to customers’ requirement.
  • 2.Draw and push type of screens are easy and convenient to maintain.
  • 3.Types of vibrating screen we can supply: Single-shaft vibration screen, Double-shaft vibration screen and Vibration motor type vibrating screen.
  • 4.Rated capacity of our vibrating screen: 40-80T/H with 4 layers, 80-160T/H with 4 layers, 240T/H with 5 layers, 320T/H with 5 or 6 layers, and other customized specifications.
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  • The mixer is the critical component of asphalt mixing plant.
  • 1. “Double horizontal shaft double helix" forced type, long axis, short arm, shallow structure; greatly reduce height size.
  • 2. Inner lining board and blade use high wear-resistant alloy cast iron, with long service life.
  • 3. Discharge door is equipped with electric heating or thermal oil heating, to prevent door bonding.
  • 4. Large sliding door structure, quick discharging.
  • 5. Two-way spiral blade, realization of three-dimensional space mixing.
  • 6. Mixing efficiency to achieve world-class level.
  • 7. Use upper and lower separation design, convenient to maintenance.
  • 8. Forced gear synchronous.
  • 9. High strength, high power coupling.
  • 10. Four active supporting feet connection can put mixer on the ground to do maintenance.
  • 11. World famous brand reducer, greatly reduce failure rate.
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Bag House Dust Filter
Bag House Dust Filter
  • 1. Gravity primary dust collector collecting and recycling bigger fine, saving consumption; Bag house secondary dust filter control emission be lower than 20mg/Nm3, eco-friendly.
  • 2. Adopt USA Dopont NOMEX filter bags, high temperature resistance and long service life. The filter bags can be replaced easily and quickly with no need for special tools.
  • 3. Intelligent temperature control system, when the dust temperature is higher than setting data, cold air valve will be open automatically for cooling, avoid the filter bags are damaged by high temperature.
  • 4. Adopt high voltage pulse cleaning technology, contributing to a lower bag wearing ,longer lifespan and better dust removal performance.
  • 5. Both stationary and mobile types bag house dust filter are available.
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Control System
Control System
  • 1. Switzerland METTLER TELEDO weighing modular accurate weighing.
  • 2. HONEYWELL temperature intelligent control system, control accurately and easily, make sure burning smoothly and high quality of asphalt mixture.
  • 3. Germany SIEMENS electrical element, working stably even in harsh working environment.
  • 4. Japan OMRON PLC and touch screen, have high data processing capacity, with automatic data sheet control. Various operation data can be saved real-times.
  • 5. All system power switches can be controlled via control panel, easy operation and control.
  • 6. Multi-language compatibility, display language can be selected according to the customers’ preference.
  • 7. Control cabinet adopt IP55 safety protection class which can match highest industrial standard in whole global.
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Bitumen Tank
Bitumen Tank
  • ZOOMLINE bitumen tanks can be used alone or matched with asphalt mixing plant.
    3 types of bitumen tanks we can supply: hot oil heating bitumen tank; electric heating bitumen tank; directly heating bitumen tank.
  • 1. Hot oil heating bitumen tanks is very common used during the production of asphalt plant. The bitumen tank should be equipped with thermal oil furnace. Several bitumen tanks can work together which one thermal oil furnace.
  • 2. Electric heating bitumen tank is heated by the electrical heated tube. The structure is compact, easy installation and transportation, easy operation, high level of automation and no pollution. This kind of bitumen tank is widely used in some countries.
  • 3. Container type directly heating bitumen tank. Compared with ordinary directly heating bitumen tank, this type bitumen tank is addressing the issue of high temperature of some parts and bitumen aging. Container type directly heating bitumen tank has the features of high thermal efficiency and container ship design which is very easy to install and transport. This type bitumen tank has the self-contained heating function and doesn’t need the additional thermal oil furnace.
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