ZOOMLINE Super mobile asphalt drum mixing plant was successfully sent Nigerian

Release Time: 2022-02-28
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Country: Nigeria

Transaction time: November 2021

Product: 40 t/h full mobile asphalt mixing plant

Model: ZAP-C40M

Color: White

In November 2021, Beijing time, the 40t/h one-trailer-mounted asphalt drum mixing plant we produced for Nigerian customers was successfully loaded into containers and sent to Qingdao Port.

The “one-trailer-mounted” asphalt station produced by Henan ZOOMLINE Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is specially designed for the European and African markets. The high integration of the asphalt plant is realized. One trailer can realize all the functional requirements of the asphalt mixing plant (cold material supply, drying, mixing, dust removal, lifting to the finished silo, etc.), which can meet the needs of users for rapid installation, rapid transition, and rapid production requirements.

The 40TPH super mobile asphalt mixing plant produced for Nigerian customers this time is mainly equipped with 3 cold hoppers, drying system with diesel burner, gravity dust removal, scraper elevator, finished silo and electronic control system, which is fully customized on customer’s request.

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