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Release Time: 2022-05-17
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Country: Latvia

Transaction time: May 2022

Product: Pulverized Coal Burner

Model: MFR-S1000

Voltage & Frequency: 380V/50Hz

Coal, because of its high calorific value and low price, it is widely used in metallurgy, chemistry, drying, paper-making, boilers, asphalt mixing plants and other industries. With the progress of society and the increasingly high requirements for environmental protection, our company has carried out a new design and improvement of traditional coal-fired burners. In addition to abandoning the shortcomings of traditional coal-fired burners, such as many wearing parts, large size, and inconvenient maintenance, it also greatly improves the combustion efficiency of pulverized coal, which helps buyers save costs and is more conducive to environmental protection.

Our new pulverized burners are equipped with an integrated Siemens PLC and touch screen for truly fully automated control. At present, our company has developed and produced pulverized coal burners, coal&oil dual-use burners, coal&gas dual-use burners, and coal&oil&gas triple-use burners, which have been well received by customers in practical applications.

At present, our new pulverized coal burners have been successfully used in boilers, paper-making, asphalt mixing plants, drying and other industries.

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