ZOOMLINE 80TPH Super Mobile Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant was Successfully Sent to Uzbekistan

Release Time: 2022-05-24
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Country: Uzbekistan

Delivery time: April 2022

Product: Mobile Asphalt Station

Model: ZAP-CM80

Voltage/Frequency: 380V/50Hz

Asphalt mixing plant, also known as asphalt concrete mixing station, refers to a complete set of equipment for mass production of asphalt concrete, which can produce asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture and colored asphalt mixture. It is a necessary equipment for the construction of expressways, grade roads, municipal roads, airports and ports.

The super mobile drum mixing asphalt mixing plant is a product redesigned and optimized by our company on the basis of traditional fixed and semi-mobile. It has the characteristics of higher integration, automatic control, more convenient movement, and more convenient installation. It can be put into production quickly, reducing the customer’s cost and saving the customer’s time.

The equipment is mainly composed of batching system, drying system, combustion system, bitumen supply system, filler supply system, dust removal system, weighing system, mixing system, finished material lifting system, finished material storage system, automatic control system and other parts.

As a professional road construction equipment manufacturer with rich production experience, our company keeps pace with the times and constantly updates and improves our equipment in order to provide customers with better service and equipment experience. Our company sincerely looks forward to your visit and guidance.

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