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Release Time: 2023-03-20
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Country: Vietnam
Transaction time: March 2023
Product: 8-10TPH Bag Bitumen Melting Plant
Model: ZAM-8G
Colour: Black+Orange


The bag bitumen melting plant developed by our company is a kind of device that melts bagged bitumen into liquid bitumen. The equipment uses the thermal oil heating system to initially melt the block bitumen, and then uses the fire pipe to strengthen the heating of the bitumen, so that the bitumen reaches the pumping temperature and then transported to the bitumen storage tank. This bitumen de-bagging equipment can ensure the quality of bitumen heating, and has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, fast bitumen de-bagging, improved labor intensity, and reduced pollution.
The overall size of the bag bitumen melting plant is designed according to 40HQ container, and one 40HQ container can be used for marine transportation. The upper lifting brackets are all bolted together and can be disassembled. It is convenient for site relocation and transoceanic transportation.


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