ZOOMLINE Successfully Signed an Order for Asphalt Plant with Madagascar Customer

Release Time: 2023-09-14
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Country: Madagascar

Transaction time: June 2022

Product: 20 t/h super mobile asphalt mixing plant

Model: ZAP-C20M

Color: Green

In view of the needs of the global market, R&D department of Henan ZOOMLINE Machinery Co., Ltd has developed a “one-trailer-mounted” continuous asphalt mixing plant for the European and African markets. The “one-trailer-mounted” asphalt plant is optimized and redesigned on the basis of our stationary continuous asphalt mixing plant and traditional mobile continuous asphalt mixing plant. A high degree of integration of the asphalt plant is achieved, and it can realize all the functional requirements of the asphalt mixing plant (cold material supply, drying, mixing, dust removal, lifting to finished product silo, etc.).

Up to now, our “one-trailer-mounted” continuous asphalt mixing plant has been exported to Europe, Africa, North America and other countries. The convenience of transportation, transfer and commissioning has greatly saved costs and improved construction efficiency.

After a comprehensive and meticulous inspection of ZOOMLINE, the Madagascar customer decided to purchase and signed an order in a very short time after seeing our fully mobile asphalt drum mixing plant in stock. We are very grateful to customers for their trust in us, and we will definitely return customers with high-quality products.

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