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Asphalt Storage Tank
Asphalt Storage Tank
Asphalt Storage Tank
Asphalt Storage Tank
Asphalt Storage Tank
Asphalt Storage Tank
Asphalt Storage Tank
Asphalt Storage Tank

Asphalt Storage Tank

SD series asphalt tank is a new kind of storage tank, to meet the need of high grade highway construction, and it is widely used in highway construction, petroleum, chemical, logistics, trade and other fields. The design is novel, economical and practical, compared with the traditional asphalt storage tank.
Internal diameter: Φ6453-Φ23364mm
Total height: 7539-15034mm
Rated floor: 38-466㎡
Heat transfer oil in the tank: 0.3-1.7ton
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Main Advantages of Asphalt Storage Tank
Modular structure / easy disassembly / flexible transition / efficient and fast
The tank body of the storage tank is a modular structure, which is composed of several steel plate units, and the units are fastened by high-strength bolts, which can achieve no damage and rapid transition when needed, and is suitable for mobile construction.
Reusable/economical/unit shipping/low shipping costs
Practice has proved that the modular storage tank can be re-used more than ten times with a one-time investment, and can be relocated and used at any time according to the needs of users. Taking SD2000 as an example, the cost of re-use is only 20-30% of the traditional storage tank with the same reserves. It not only saves investment, but also realizes the recycling of resources. After the storage tank is removed, the size of each unit meets the transportation requirements, which greatly reduces the transportation cost. Taking SD2000 as an example, 3-4 13-meter trailers are required for domestic transportation, and 3-4 40-foot open-top containers are required for international transportation.
When applied to the site of an asphalt mixing plant, a lot of land acquisition area can be saved. One SD500 storage tank occupies only 1/4 of the traditional 10 horizontal 50 tanks (same storage).
Reusable/economical/unit shipping/low shipping costs
The tank wall plate of the connection parts are connected by high-strength bolts and high-temperature and oil-resistant sealant film with a special structure to prevent the medium from seeping out. The higher the pressure, the higher the sealing degree. Each unit of the storage tank is made of standard steel siding, factory-made, and the production line is advanced in technology, safe and reliable.
The detachable design of the product can be used as a temporary facility to meet the needs of temporary transfer of asphalt for special projects.
The product technology is mature and the models are complete, ranging from SD100 to SD5000, which can meet the needs of customers for different reserves and storage area configuration.
Technical Parameters
Technical Parameters of Asphalt Storage Tank
Model Internal diameter (mm) Total height(mm) Rated floor area (m²) SPEC of high-barrier trucks/Load required for a single tank No. of storage tanks/Load required for 40ft OT containers Reference amount of heat transfer oil in the tank (ton) Rated installers / cycle
SD200-A Φ6453 7539 38 9.6m/1 3/1 0.3 5 persons/5 days
SD300-A Φ7746 7940 54 9.6m/1 2/1 0.4 5 persons/5 days
SD500-A Φ9028 9639 71.5 13m/1 1/1 0.6 6 persons/5 days
SD1000-A Φ11622 11696 116 13m/2 1/2 0.8 6 persons/7 days
SD2000-A Φ14850 14111 186 13m/3 1/3 1.2 8 persons/10 days
SD3000-A Φ18166 14271 274 13m/4 1/4 1.5 9 persons/13 days
SD5000-A Φ23364 15034 466 13m/5 1/5 1.7 11 persons/15 days
SD10000-A Φ29366 19163 965 15m/8 1/10 1.9 17 persons/20 days
SD20000-A Φ39763 25792 1436 15m/13 1/20 2.2 19persons/23 days
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