ZAP-M120 120TPH Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant Delivery

Release Time: 2020-12-16
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Date: October 16th  2020  

Country: Thailand

Product: ZAP-M120 Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

Output: 120TPH

Motor: 380V50HZ


Mobile cold feed bins, mobile dryer, mobile mixing tower, mobile bag house filter, bitumen tank and control system are stationary type.

Our mobile asphalt mixing plant adopts modular design, which can easily be loaded to containers.

Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant features:

Mobility, efficiency, easily transportable mobile/portable batch asphalt mixing plant

ZAP-M models mobile/portable wheeled batch asphalt mixing plant are available from 80TPH to 160TPH

  • Easily transportable & assembling & disassembling. Saving time and cost of installation
  • Landing legs with support bases to ensure adequate stability
  • Low maintenance operation & energy consumption &  emission
  • Multi-fuel burner
  • Fully automatic controls

Mobile batch type asphalt mixing plant is mainly used in the road construction of national road, main or middle road, city road, airport and bridge, transport and install conveniently

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