20TPH Super Mobile Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant was Successfully Sent to Madagascar

Release Time: 2023-09-18
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Country: Madagascar
Delivery time: June 2022
Product: Super Mobile Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant
Model: ZAP-C20M
Voltage/Frequency: 380V/50Hz
Color: Green

Madagascar is located in the western part of the Indian Ocean, facing the African continent across the Mozambique Strait. It is the largest island in Africa and the fourth largest in the world. The whole island is composed of volcanic rocks and is rich in tourism resources.
This is our second mobile asphalt mixing plant sold to Madagascar. This set of equipment includes cold aggregate cold bin, drying drum, scraper elevator, finished silo, direct heating bitumen tank, diesel tank, control system, pneumatic system, etc. It is a complete set of asphalt concrete production equipment. After the customer receives it, no foundation is required, and it can be put into production and moved quickly, especially suitable for road repair and small projects.

At present, our equipment has been exported to Europe, South America, Latin America, Africa, Central Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, West Asia, South Asia and other regions, and has been highly trusted by customers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and we can also provide customized services.

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