ZOOMLINE 60TPH Asphalt Mixing Plant Sent to Uzbekistan Successfully

Release Time: 2022-11-20
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Country: Uzbekistan
Delivery time: November 2022
Product: Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant
Model: ZAP-S60
Voltage frequency: 380V/50Hz


Uzbekistan Successfully


In recent years, with the continuous development of Uzbekistan and the modernization of the country’s infrastructure, the demand for road machinery and equipment has also increased. As a professional supplier of road machinery and equipment, we are continuously and deeply involved in this process. That is, after sending one set of equipment to Uzbekistan in October, another complete set of asphalt mixing plant was shipped again in November and sent to Uzbekistan.


This set of asphalt mixing plant has the following advantages:
1, Fully automatic Russian control system gas burner, safer and more convenient
2, First-stage cyclone dust removal+Water dust collector
3, 15m3 filler silo+Roots fan (customers can buy bagged mineral powder, can also be mineral powder truck)
4, New structure vibration motor vibrating screen+External heat preservation, Italian OLI vibration motor, higher working efficiency
5, American TOLEDO load cell and weigh module, provide weighing accuracy and work stability, improve the quality of asphalt mixture.
6, Twin shaft compulsory mixer, motor reducer 2*15KW
7, Electric hoist, easy to hoist accessories

8, Large material and waste overflow silo
9, Automatic Russian control system+Computer+monitoring+Siemens electrical components, more stable system
10, 200,000 kcal thermal oil furnace+RIELLO gas burner, automatic temperature control, faster speed of heating asphalt.


Uzbekistan Successfully


In addition, we also have a local installation service team with rich installation and training experience, which can put the equipment into production in the shortest possible time and bring benefits to customers.


As a professional road construction equipment manufacturer with rich production experience, we look forward to cooperating with you.


Uzbekistan Successfully

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