ZOOMLINE Pulverized Coal Burner Used in Paper Mill, Vietnam

Release Time: 2021-07-19
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Work location: Vietnam

Installation time: July 2021

Model: MFR-S2000

Main performance parameters:

Output Power Max. 14000 kw
Coal consumption 700-2250kg/h
Coal feed size

of pulverized coal machine


(Pulverized coal machine75kw)

Application industry Paper mill


The MFR-S2000 pulverized coal burner is a new type of coal burner developed by our company. It uses pulverized coal as fuel (prepared on site or finished pulverized coal), and the burnout rate is more than 98%. This new type of pulverized coal burner reduces the requirements for fineness of pulverized coal, and 100 mesh pulverized coal can be fully burned. Moreover, there is almost no slagging on the inner wall of the combustion chamber, and the service life of the burner is greatly increased.

This series of burners are widely used in drying kilns, asphalt mixing plants, boilers and other fields.

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