ZOOMLINE 160t/h Asphalt Mixing Plant Delivered to Cambodia

Release Time: 2021-04-16
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Model: ZAP-160

Exporting country: Cambodia

Delivery time: April 16, 2021

On April 5, 2021, 160TPH type asphalt mixing plant was delivered from our factory to Cambodia.Since receiving the order from the customer, the production department has been working hard on the production. Although in the Tomb-sweeping Day holiday, in order to make the customer receive the machine on time, our staff still insist on working at their positions.

Products are produced strictly according to customer specifications, from welding, polishing to painting, using the most advanced technology. After the completion of the production, we also trial installation, wiring test in our factory, and the various parts have been marked, so that customers can accurate and rapid installation  after receive the goods.


At the time of loading, there are special technical personnel on site supervision, each part is placed safely, important parts are additional reinforcement to protect it.From production to delivery, we pay attention to each link is the commitment of all our customers.

The customer purchased the first set of ZOOMLINE brand asphalt mixing equipment in 2019, which provided a reliable guarantee for the road infrastructure projects contracted by the customer later. The stability of equipment operation and output met the customer’s needs, which witnessed the customer’s business becoming bigger and stronger step by step.

With the increase of demand, the customer successively purchased another 1 set of asphalt mixing equipment, because of the customer’s trust For our plant required less maintenance and client was very pleased with the support his business received from ZOOMLINE.  So finally Choose the brand of ZOOMLINE again

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