ZAP-M120 Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant for Thailand

Release Time: 2021-05-25
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Date: May 25, 2021


Product: ZAP-M120 Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

Model: ZAP-M120

Capacity: 120tph

Voltage and Frequency: 380V/50HZ

Recently, the company orders continue to increase, the company’s staff attach great importance to and cherish every order, all the staff of the company to work overtime in production, insist on fighting in their respective positions, with hard work and sweat, with their own practical actions, to ensure that each order of products can be delivered in time with both quality and quantity, although the deadline for delivery,However, every employee of the company is still serious and strict in accordance with the production operation process, the equipment has been well received by the majority of customers and praise, has maintained a leading position in the asphalt station industry, which is closely related to the hard work of every employee.

Considering the recent resumption of the trend of rising sea freight, we worked overtime to catch the shipping date, in order to ensure the interests of the customer, but also in order to avoid the impact of the customer’s construction period.

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