Release Time: 2023-09-22
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Henan ZOOMLINE Machinery Co., Ltd. Receives Acclaim and Establishes Partnerships at Saudi Infrastructure Expo in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Henan ZOOMLINE Machinery Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce its successful participation in the Saudi Infrastructure Expo held in Saudi Arabia from September 11th to 13th, 2023. The company showcased its leading asphalt equipment technology and achieved remarkable success during the exhibition.

As one of the leading asphalt equipment manufacturers and suppliers in China,ZOOMLINE is dedicated to providing high-quality and reliable equipment, contributing to the development of global road construction and infrastructure industries. The company’s participation in this exhibition was an important step in expanding its presence in the Middle East market, and it yielded impressive results.

At the exhibition,ZOOMLINE focused on showcasing its fixed and mobile intermittent and continuous asphalt mixing plants, asphalt emulsion equipment, asphalt modification equipment, and cold asphalt equipment. These advanced equipment systems offer outstanding performance and reliability in the field of asphalt engineering, earning high praise and recognition from the exhibition attendees.

During the event, the company’s booth attracted numerous visitors and industry professionals. The technical team provided detailed insights into the features and technological advantages of the products, engaging in in-depth discussions with potential partners from the Middle East region. Through the exhibition, Machinery successfully established partnerships with several enterprises and organizations in the Middle East, laying a solid foundation for future project collaborations.

The company received tremendous acclaim at the Saudi Infrastructure Expo, showcasing China’s leading position in the asphalt equipment industry. The quality and technical expertise of its products were recognized by the Middle Eastern market, providing a strong foothold for ZOOMLINE Machinery to expand its business in the region.

ZOOMLINE Machinery is committed to continuous technological innovation and enhancing product quality to meet the needs of global customers and contribute further to the development of road construction and infrastructure industries.

About Henan ZOOMLINE Machinery Co., Ltd.:

Henan ZOOMLINE Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the manufacture and supply of asphalt equipment, headquartered in Henan Province, China. The company is dedicated to providing innovative and reliable solutions to global customers, driving the development of road construction and infrastructure industries. Its products are widely used in road construction, urban development, and related engineering fields.

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