Russian stabilized soil mixing plant -delivery press release

Release Time: 2021-04-20
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Country: Russia

Product: WBC300 fixed stabilized soil mixing plant

Product Specifications:Production power of stabilized soil mixing plant: 300T/H

Motor: 380V 50HZ

Stabilized soil mixing plant is a large-scale machine used in industrial construction for mixing water-stabilized materials. Water stabilized materials are generally cement, fly ash, graded crushed stone, stabilized soil layer materials, etc.

The stabilized soil mixingplant is used for the stabilized soil construction of high-grade highways, urban roads, squares, and airports. It can continuously mix and produce different grades of lime-stabilized gravel, lime-stabilized soil, and industrial waste residue stabilized soil finished materials.

Stabilized soil mixing plants can be divided into mobile water-stable mixing plants and fixed water-stable mixing plants.

Our company continuously optimizes and upgrades the original structure, maximizes the cost-effectiveness, and enhances the customer’s experience, making the equipment more automated and more convenient to operate.

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