Press Release for Shipment of 40m3 Asphalt Tank for Greece

Release Time: 2023-06-17
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Date: June 17, 2023
Location: Greece
Equipment and parameters: 40 m3 electrically heated asphalt tank


In April 2023, our company received an inquiry from a Greek customer for a 40m3 electric heating asphalt tank. According to the customer’s requirements, our company promptly provided a technical solution. Our design plan was finally approved by the customer and the transaction was successfully completed. The customer is a local road construction machinery and equipment supplier in Greece.




Electric heating asphalt tank is a device that uses electrical energy to heat asphalt, typically used in construction projects such as road construction.

Its working principle is to convert electrical energy into heat energy, so that the internal heating element (usually an electric heating tube) generates high temperature to heat the asphalt to the required temperature. Inside the asphalt tank, stirring devices and temperature control systems are usually set up to ensure uniform heating and stable temperature of the asphalt.


Compared with traditional oil heating methods, electric heating asphalt tanks have the following advantages:
It can reach the required heating temperature faster, thereby shortening the heating time;
There is no need for a replaceable or maintainable fuel system, saving costs and time;
It does not produce harmful gases such as gas and fuel, which is more environmentally friendly;
Asphalt heating temperature can be more accurately controlled, thereby improving production efficiency and quality.




Therefore, electric heating asphalt tanks are widely used in highway, bridge, tunnel and other road engineering and large-scale construction projects.



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