30m³ direct-heated heat transfer oil asphalt tank

Release Time: 2021-08-11
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On May 2021. Our company received an inquiry about asphalt tanks from a Philippine customer. According to the customer’s request, our company provided a technical solution in a timely manner. Our company’s design was finally approved by the customer and the transaction was successfully completed.

The direct-heated heat transfer oil asphalt tank is a new type of fast-heating, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly asphalt tank that is developed by Henan Zoomline machinery co., ltd. and constantly sums up past experience, listens to the opinions of customers from various aspects, and combines the company’s products.

The tank is an independent whole, with the functions of heating, circulation, external transportation, external transportation and heat preservation. The product uses a built- in heating furnace to heat the asphalt in a local heating manner, with fast heating speed, high thermal efficiency, large output, low fuel consumption, and no waste. The heating system completely eliminates the annoying problems of asphalt and pipelines, and the liquid level detection and control is sensitive, and it can be applied to the heating and storage of various asphalts.

Heat transfer oil direct-heated asphalt tank is composed of asphalt tank, heating system, heat exchange system, high-temperature asphalt system, heat conduction oil pipeline preheating and insulation system, etc. Combustion heat supply, heat exchange, and high-temperature asphalt systems are all installed in the asphalt storage tank, which makes the thermal efficiency higher, the heating speed faster, the operation simpler, and the mobile site is extremely convenient.

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