ZOOMLINE and Russian customers successfully signed another order for pulverized coal burner

Release Time: 2023-11-14
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Country: Russia

Transaction time: November 2023

Product: Pulverized Coal Burner

Model: MFR-S300B

Voltage & Frequency: 380V/50Hz

This pulverized coal burner is a new design and improved product of the traditional coal burner, which not only abandons the shortcomings of the traditional burner such as many wearing parts, large volume and inconvenient maintenance, but also is equipped with an integrated SIEMENS PLC and touch screen, which can realize the full automatic control in the real sense. The new structure of the coal-fired burner improves the combustion efficiency of pulverized coal. It also reduces the requirements for coal quality, further saving the customer’s fuel costs.

At present, our company has developed and produced pulverized coal burners, coal&oil dual-use burners, coal&gas dual-use burners, and coal&oil&gas three-use burners, which have get unanimous praise from customers in practical applications.

At present, our new pulverized coal burner has been successfully used in boilers, papermaking, asphalt mixing plants, drying, hot blast stoves and other industries.


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