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ZAP-S60 Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant in Kyrgyzstan

Release Time: 2023-03-15
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Time: March 10th, 2023- April 15th, 2023
Location: Osh, Kyrgyzstan
Model and output: ZAP-S60, 60T/H


China and Kyrgyzstan have had good bilateral relations since ancient times. With the smooth convening of the China Central Asia Summit, China and Kyrgyzstan have further upgraded to a comprehensive strategic partnership in the new era, providing more opportunities and a better development environment for the continuous development of the two countries.


The asphalt mixing plant that was successfully put into operation this time is located in Osh, the second largest city in Kyrgyzstan. Osh has a long history and rich cultural heritage. With the continuous improvement of road infrastructure, the region can once again present its glory.




This asphalt mixing plant consists of a 4pcs bin cold material system, a drying drum, a coal-fired burner, a combined cyclone dust removal and water dust removal system, a mixing tower system, a pneumatic system, an electric bitumen heating system, and a fully automatic computer control system. In order to ensure the stability of the control system, electrical components are all imported brands such as Siemens.


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