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Zap S60 60tph Asphalt Mixing Plant In Uzbekistan

Release Time: 2023-02-03
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Date: February 15, 2023 – March 10, 2023
Location: Karshi, Uzbekistan
Model and output: ZAP-S60, 60T/H




Qarshi is a city in southern Uzbekistan and the capital of Qashqadaryo Province. Its industry mainly focuses on agricultural product processing and serves as a transportation hub for railways and highways. In order to meet the continuous development of Uzbekistan, the construction of basic roads needs to be accelerated and existing roads need to be optimized. Our client, as a representative with extensive experience in road construction, is deeply involved in the city’s development and construction.


This asphalt plant consists of a four-hopper cold material system, drying drum, gas burner (fully automatic control + Russian system), cyclone dust removal + water dust removal combined dust removal system, batch mixing tower, pneumatic system, and thermal oil furnace asphalt heating system, fully automatic computer control system, and other components. To ensure the stability of the control system, electrical components are all imported brands such as Siemens. With the assistance of our local after-sales team, the equipment was installed, debugged, and put into production in a short period of time.




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