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ZAP-S120 Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant in Uzbekistan

Release Time: 2019-05-03
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Time: May 27,2019—June 24,2019
Location: Andizhan, Uzbekistan
Equipment: ZAP-S120 120T/H stationary asphalt plant




“One Belt One Road” is the abbreviation of “Silk Road Economic Belt” and “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”. It will fully rely on the existing dual and multilateral mechanisms of China and relevant countries, and with the help of existing and effective regional cooperation platforms, “One Belt One Road” is aimed at borrowing the historical symbols of the ancient Silk Road, hold the banner of peaceful development, actively develop the economic partnerships with countries along the line, work together to create a community of interests, a community of destiny and a community of responsibility with political mutual trust, economic integration, and cultural tolerance.


Since China introduced this policy in 2013, it has greatly promoted the economic development of neighboring countries, provided more jobs, and improved the people’s living standards. To ensure the sustained and effective high-speed development of the economy, ensuring the smooth road is also an important part.

In order to meet the demand for engineering quantities, we received an inquiry from Uzbekistan in 2018. The customer already has an asphalt mixing plant, but as the engineering volume continues to increase, the demand for ever-increasing engineering quantities cannot be met. Therefore, our customer urgently need to purchase new large-capacity asphalt mixing plants. After many consultations and negotiations, the customer visited our factory, satisfied with our equipment and our production and processing capabilities. They immediately signed the contract with us. The asphalt mixing plant is now in production in Uzbekistan and the customers are satisfied with the quality and output.




1. Cold aggregate feeding system with 4 pics of cold hoppers
This feeding system is with 4 pics of cold aggregate hoppers, equipped with the wall vibrator and the material shortage alarm. There are protective nets on both sides of the hoppers and equipped with an inspection platform.


2. Drying system
The drying drum is covered with rock wool insulation with thickness 80mm, and outermost covered with stainless steel.
Pulverized coal burner or gas burner optional.


3. Bag house type dust collector
The dust system is equipped with a primary gravity dust collector system and a secondary bag house dust collector system. The filter area is large, the dust removal efficiency is high, and it can meet the high environmental requirements.


4.Bitumen storage and heating system
The asphalt mixing plant is equipped with a 400,000 kcal gas-fired thermal oil furnace. Our customer made the bitumen tanks in the local area according to the drawings we provided.


5.Control system
Imitation container structure, air conditioning reserved installation location, 5 meters long control room.
The computer control system is equipped with remote control functions, and the electrical components of the main parts use world-renowned brands.

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