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ZAP-S100 Asphalt Batching Plant in Kyrgyzstan

Release Time: 2019-04-03
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Time: From Apr. 21,2019 to May 14,2019
Location: Kara-Balta, Kyrgyzstan
Equipment: ZAP-S100, 100T/H Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant


100tph-asphalt-batching -plant in-kyrgyzstan


In September 2018, an inquiry from a Kyrgyzstan customer was received. They are a professional road construction company with extensive construction experience and own two asphalt mixing plants. As the amount of work continues to increase, it is necessary to purchase a new asphalt mixing plant to meet their needs. We provide our quotation plan according to the specific configuration requirements of customers. After many discussions and negotiations, we signed the contract. The customer has full confidence in us, they did not visit our factory before the contract. We did not disappoint the customer. The customer is very satisfied with the performance of our asphalt mixing plant. Our customer hope to have more cooperation opportunities with us.


100tph-asphalt-batching -plant in-kyrgyzstan


The asphalt mixing plant was commissioned successfully, and put into production in May 2019.

1. Cold aggregate feeding system
4 pieces of cold aggregate hoppers, with hopper wall vibrator and underfeeding alarm device. There are protective nets on both sides of the hopper, and equipped with inspection platform.
2. Drying drum system
The drying drum is with 80mm rock wool insulation, and covered by stainless steel.
Pulverized Coal Burner.
3. Bag house dust collecting system
The asphalt mixing plant is equipped with a primary gravity dust collecting system and a secondary bag house dust collecting system. The filter area is large, the dust removal efficiency is high, and it can meet the high environmental requirements.

4. Bitumen storage and heating system
This asphalt mixing plant is equipped with a 500,000Kcal/hr coal-fired type thermal oil furnace. The customer has made the bitumen tanks in the local area according to the drawings provided by us.

5. Control system
Imitation container structure, reserved air conditioning installation location, control room with length 5m.
The computer control system is equipped with remote control functions, and the main electrical components use world famous brands.

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