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200TPH Asphalt Batch Plant Project in Saudi Arabia

Release Time: 2020-02-04
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Time: February, 2020
Location: Saudi Arabia
Equipment: ZAP-S200 200TPH Batch Type Asphalt Mixing Plant




ZAP-S200 stationary batch type asphalt mixing plant, its excellent quality has been fully affirmed by users, and it is the first time that ZOOMLINE Machinery Co., ltd has entered the Saudi Arabia market.


ZAP-S200 asphalt mixing plant has a rated output of 200t/h, adopts 5 gradation designs, is automatically controlled by a computer and has a remote monitoring function.


Rated output 200T/h 5% water content
Output asphalt temperature 140-180℃
Aggregate bins 5 cold aggregate bins VFD Control
Drying system The drum adopts 4-wheel friction transmission, counter-flow design, and fully automatic burner


Drum motor power: 4×18.5kw
Screening system


5-layer screening, double motor linear screen


Mixer Double horizontal axis double motor, gear synchronization, 2500kg/batch
Dust removal system Primary gravity + secondary bag house dust removal


Exhaust dust emission


Filler system Mineral powder silo + recycling powder system
Bitumen system Heating oil furnace heating
Control system Using Siemens PLC+PC, manual/automatic operation, super formula storage and printing function. Arabic control system


The whole station adopts a three-dimensional design and is installed and tested in the factory before leaving the factory, which provides great convenience for users to install and produce during the epidemic, and wins valuable construction time for users. Due to the impact of the epidemic, equipment transportation and other links have been strongly supported by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and have been highly praised by users.


ZAP-S200 asphalt plant adopts world-class quality accessories, SEW reducer, EBICO burner, Atlas compressor, Siemens electrical components. The entire set of equipment is equipped with hot-dip galvanizing technology for climbing ladders and guardrails. The material is cut with CNC laser and plasma equipment. The manufacturing process is further optimized to ensure that the equipment is towards first-class quality.


ZOOMLINE Machinery’s full range of asphalt mixing stations can be customized to meet the various needs of different users. ZOOMLINE Machinery Co., ltd is willing to work with you to create brilliant!

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