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Project Case Of RAP plant

Release Time: 2023-12-26
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Project installation time: November 2023

Project location: Thailand

Project model: ZAP-S160+RAP80 regeneration all-in-one machine

Project Introduction: Integrated Recycling Machine is an advanced systematic equipment in the market for treating asphalt pavement regeneration. It comprehensively considers the comprehensive application of raw aggregates and asphalt pavement recycled materials from the design source. Abandoned the old idea of piecing together “regeneration”.

The mixing tank is located at the core of the equipment, and the recycled materials are directly fed into the mixer, which has the characteristics of large mixing capacity and high output. This set of equipment has a mixing capacity of 3000kg/batch and a comprehensive output of 200-240TPH. Compared to ordinary asphalt recycling plants, the production has increased by 30-40%.

The recycled material is separated by hot and cold, and the ultra-fine recycled aggregate is measured and put into the mixing pot through cold regeneration. The large aggregate is heated and regenerated through a regeneration drum, and after being measured, it is put into a mixing tank. Avoiding asphalt aging and bonding issues in recycled materials.

The regeneration addition ratio is high, with a recommended cold regeneration addition ratio of 10% and a recommended hot regeneration addition ratio of 30-40%.

major parameter

rated output 240-200TPH Moisture content 3-5%
Raw cold aggregate bin 5x10m³
Hot regenerated aggregate bin 2x10m³
Cold regenerated aggregate bin 10m³
New aggregate drying drum Dia 2.2m drive 4×18.5kw
Recycled aggregate drying drum Dia 1.8m drive 4x11kw
Fuel Heavy oil
Reuse ratio is recommended Cold regeneration 10%, hot regeneration 30-40%
Dust remove method Gravity dust collector + bag filter
· hot material storage bin 4+1
Capacity of mixing tank 3000kg/batch  3000kg/batch

drive2x45kw   drive 2x45kw

measuring system Primary aggregate metering
Hot regenerated aggregate metering
Cold recycled aggregate metering
Asphalt measurement
Admixture measurement
Control system Fully automatic/manual control

CCTV monitoring system

· asphalt system


Heating by thermal oil furnace

Asphalt tank horizontal (vertical optional)

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