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80TPH Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant Project in Georgia

Release Time: 2020-01-04
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Time: 2020.01.01—-2020.01.22
Location: Rustavi, Georgia
Equipment: ZAP-S80, 80T/H

Georgia is located on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus region in southwestern Asia, bordering Russia in the north and bordering Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan in the south. Georgia was a Soviet republic and the hometown of Stalin. Georgia has the oldest wine culture and splendid natural scenery. It is called the back garden of God, and the tourism industry is developed. In order to continuously improve the convenience and comfort of transportation, Georgia is also continuously increasing road construction.


Henan ZOOMLINE Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional road machinery equipment manufacturer located in China. We have 17 years of production experience, a research and development center and a production workshop of about 50,000 square meters. In order to ensure the quality of our equipment, each equipment will undergo strict testing and weight control before leaving the factory. We have a professional quality inspection department. At the same time, we are constantly improving the structure and design of the equipment to make it more convenient and smarter to use.

Main components of ZOOMLINE asphalt plant:
1.Cold aggregate feeding bins
The equipment uses 4 cold aggregate feeding bins, equipped with silo wall vibrator and material shortage alarm device. Protective nets are installed on both sides of the silo and equipped with an inspection platform.
2.Drying system
The drying drum is wrapped with rock wool insulation layer with thickness 50mm, and covered with stainless steel.
2.Bag house dust removal system
The asphalt mixing plant is equipped with primary gravity dust removal system and secondary bag house dust removal system. The filtering area is large, removal efficiency is high, and it can meet the high requirements of environmental protection.
4. Bitumen storage heating system
The asphalt mixing plant is equipped with 200,000 kcal gas heat conduction oil furnace and a 40-ton asphalt tank.
5.Control system
Imitation container structure, air conditioning reserved installation location, 5 meters long control room. Computer control system, equipped with remote control function, the electrical components of the main components use world-renowned brands.


In order to meet the needs of engineering volume, we received an inquiry from Georgia in 2019, and customers have also seen our other asphalt mixing plant in Georgia before sending an inquiry. The customer itself already has an asphalt mixing plant, but with the continuous increase in engineering volume, it has been unable to meet the growing demand for engineering volume. Therefore, customers urgently need to purchase new large-capacity asphalt mixing plants. After many consultations and communications, the customer visited our factory and was very satisfied with our equipment and production and processing capabilities, and immediately signed a contract with us. Now the asphalt mixing plant has been put into production in Georgia, and the customers are satisfied with the quality and output.

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