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Coal And Oil Dual-use Burner

Time: November 2020

Location: Sihanoukville,Cambodia

Equipment: MFR-S1500NQ

Time: November 2020

Location: Sihanoukville,Cambodia

Equipment: MFR-S1500NQ

Coal And Oil Dual-use Burner

Main performance parameters:

Output Power


Fuel consumption


Coal consumption


The MFR-S1500NQ burner is a Coal-oil dual-purpose (dual fuel) burner developed by ZOOMLINE., which can use fuel oil alone, or coal alone. It is composed of the main burner, fuel valve group, pulverized coal supply system, and control system. The entire system has a one-key switching centralized control system, and there is no need to replace, add or remove any subsystems when switching the fuel types.

Coal And Oil Dual-use Burner

Coal And Oil Dual-use Burner

Coal And Oil Dual-use Burner

The coal-Oil dual-purpose burners is a newly designed multi-purpose burner, which is widely used in asphalt mixing plants, drying, boilers and other industries.

After nearly a year of actual use, we have constantly realized the outstanding advantages of the ZOOMLINE pulverized coal/oil burner:

1. Low energy consumption, low noise, high combustion efficiency, and low environmental pollution:

The burner adopts swirling and direct-flow air distribution, and is equipped with a porous mixing device, which ensures that the flame has sufficient stability without the risk of backfire. At the same time, the mixing of fuel/coal and air is more reasonable, so the combustion is complete. And the smoke is clean, and the pollution to the environment is small.

2. Safe and reliable, fully automatic control:

The burner is equipped with manual and automatic operating procedures, which is fully adapted to various boilers, heating furnaces and other gas kilns. It realizes automatic program control such as purging, ignition, combustion, shutdown, and restart. In automatic operation, when one of the processes fails to reach normal, the burner will automatically stop working, with reliable safety protection functions.

Coal And Oil Dual-use Burner


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