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MFR-S1500 AND MFR-S2000 Coal Burner Delivery News

Time: May 31 , 2021

Location: Thailand

Equipment: Pulverized Coal Burner

Date: May 31 , 2021


Product: Pulverized Coal Burner

Model: MFR-S1500 and MFR-S2000

Voltage and Frequency: 380V/50HZ

MFR-S1500 AND MFR-S2000 Coal Burner Delivery News

MFR-S1500 AND MFR-S2000 Coal Burner Delivery News

Conventional pulverized coal burner used in asphalt mixing stations is always very big, short service life, high maintenance cost and many accessories. This brings many operation and maintenance problems to customer. After years of research and practice, our company adopts German most advanced “semi-open pulverized coal combustion” technology anddeveloped new type product without any firebricks and other quick wear parts.

The combustion chamber is made of import heat-resisting steel sheet and plate. The service life of the whole machine is greatly improved.

As for traditional coal burner, the coal pulverizer has to grinding coal into 200mesh, it can fire completely, but our new type coal burner can make 100 mesh coal power fire completely.
Without using firebricks and make 100 mesh coal power burning completely, currently only our company have this technology in China.

Our old customer in Thailand ordered 2 sets of MFR-S1500 coal burner and 1 set of MFR-S2000 coal burner, according to the customer's requirements, our workers did overtime work to make sure the delivery on time.

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