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Case of Coal-Oil dual-purpose burner

Time: 2019-2020


Equipment: Coal-Oil dual-purpose burner

Zoomline Machinery MFR-NQ series coal-Oil dual-purpose burner is a dual-fuel burner developed by us. It can burn coal powder alone or heavy oil, and the two fuels can be automatically switched by the control system. It realizes"one for multiple uses" without any changes to the burner.

Case of Coal-Oil dual-purpose burner

MFR-NQ series coal-Oil dual-purpose burner is designed based on the latest generation of coal-fired technology, with high degree of automation (automatically controlled by PLC), small size (basically equal to the volume of oil burners), and high combustion efficiency. At present, it has been successfully applied in industries such as asphalt mixing stations, drying rotary kilns, and hot blast stoves.

Case of Coal-Oil dual-purpose burner

MFR-NQ series coal-Oil dual-purpose burners have been serialized. Individual capacity: coal powder 300-5000kg/h, fuel oil: 150-3000kg/h

Model Output power(KW) Coal consumption(kg/h) Oil consumption(kg/h)
MFR-S300NQ 960-1920 150-300 86-172
MFR-S500NQ 2370-3581 370-560 90-350
MFR-S1000NQ 4604-7170 720-1120 100-680
MFR-S1500NQ 7170-10750 1120-1680 126-1060
MFR-S2000NQ 9530-14326 1490-2240 185-1300
MFR-S2500NQ 11830-17907 1850-2800 200-1610
MFR-S3000NQ 14330-21490 2240-3360 280-2050
MFR-S4000NQ 19058-28700 2980-4480 350-2450
MFR-S5000NQ 23900-35600 3730-5560 450-3150


MFR-NQ seriescoal-Oil dual-purpose burners have been widely recognized by users in China's Anhui, Sichuan, Guangdong, Xinjiang and other construction sites. In Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Chile, Peru, South Korea, South Africa and other regions have been recognized by users, and more equipment will be put into the production line.


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