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MFR240 Coal Burner for MARINI

Time: April, 2015

Location: Suizhou City, Hubei Province, China

Equipment: MFR240 Coal Burner


1.MFR series coal burner is adopting new structure, changing the traditional mechanism of burner and exclusively adopting rotation type combustion chamber to solve the problem of easy slagging in combustion and inadequacy burning.

2.High flame temperature, energy saving and burning more sufficiently.

3.Adopting the exclusive material of high performance fire brick to prolong its working life.

4.Being capable of engaging production continuously without cleaning the slag everyday.

5.Low production cost which is only 1/3 oil burner cost.

6.High level of automation, very convenient to control the temperature of hot mixed material, sending the signal by the temperature measuring device of the outlet in the drying drum into frequency converter of coal pulverizer machine, through the frequency converter to control the size of feeding coal so as to change the temperature.

7.Easily and conveniently ignition, the manual operation and automatically operation can be chosen according to your requirements. Spray nozzle of the ignition oil gun is using the special structure to achieve better atomization so that the coal and oil are mixed well and burning completely.

MFR240 Coal Burner for MARINI

MFR240 Coal Burner
Coal consumption:2240-3360kg/h Flame diameter: 1.2m;Flame length:1.8-3m
Working noisy ≤85dB(distance about 1 m) Total power: 140.65kw
Power of reducer:2.2kw Rotary motor:2.2kw
Ignition Fuel System
Oil pump: CB-B10 Overflow valve: Y-25
Pressure Gage: 0-4MPa Motor power: 0.75kw
Fuel oil for ignition: 0# diesel oil  
Air Supply System
1# Blower Motor: 15KW
2# Blower Motor: 7.5kw
Pulverized Coal Machine
1# Pulverized coal machine model:MFJ120 Total capacity: 2240-3360kg/h
2# Pulverized coal machine model:MFJ120
Feed aggregate size: ≤25mm Discharging size: R90≤20%(0.09mm residual volume mesh)
Main motor power: 55kw+55kw Main motor speed: 1470rpm
Adjustable-speed motor : 1.5kwX2 Adjustable-speed motor speed adjustable range: 1250-125
Speed of main shaft: 1700rpm Hopper volume: 0.2m3
Power Spraying distance: 7-12m Speed of screw conveyor: 8.3-80rpm
Temperature Control System
Thermal resistance: WZPK-328/L=250 PUGUANG, SHANGHAI
Temperature controller AL-508/509


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