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120T/H Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant Installed in Uzbekistan

Time: 01.07-02.08, 2021

Location: Termez, Uzbekistan

Equipment: ZAP-M120 120T/H

Installation time: 01.07-02.08, 2021

Installation location: Termez, Uzbekistan

Model and Capacity: ZAP-M120 120T/H

120T/H Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant Installed in Uzbekistan

This set of asphalt plant includes mobile cold feeding system with 4 cold bins, mobile drying drum system and gas burner equipped with Siemens valve group, mobile dust removal system, filler silo system (the dust from bag filter can be recycled and reused), mobile mixing tower, pneumatic system, fully automatic computer control system in Russia (easy to operate and convenient), Siemens electrical components (to ensure a more stable and reliable operating system), bitumen system and thermal oil furnace for heating bitumen.

This is already the second 120T/H mobile asphalt mixing plant manufactured by our company in Uzbekistan. In addition, there are many 80-160T/H fixed asphalt mixing plants already in operation in Uzbekistan. The quality and output of the plants are highly recognized by customers, and our company can also provide high-quality after-sales and accessory services.

Our company has a local installation team in Uzbekistan with rich experience, able to quickly install equipment, debug equipment, and train customers' operators, so that the equipment can operate normally in the shortest time and bring the expected profits to customers.

120T/H Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant Installed in Uzbekistan

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