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20TPH Stationary drum mix asphalt plant in Zimbabwe

Time: August 2019

Location: Zimbabwe

Equipment: 20TPH Stationary asphalt drum mix plant

Product: 20TPH Stationary continuous drum mix asphalt plant

Model: ZAP-C20

Voltage & Frequency: 380V/50Hz

Color: RAL5002


In the hot summer, two engineers from ZOOMLINE flew through Kenya, and reached Zimbabwe at last. They were warmly welcomed by our clients. The traffic in Zimbabwe is dominated by railways, highways and aviation. The highway is with a total length of 85,000 kilometers. The client's company is mainly engaged in the road construction industry and is very influential in the local area.

20TPH Stationary drum mix asphalt plant in Zimbabwe

Under the guidance of our engineers, the installation of the 20TPH asphalt drum mixing plant was very smooth. After one week, the installation was completed and trial production was carried out. The clients were very satisfied with the finished mixing product. The engineers then trained the operators. The cooperation of asphalt drum mixing plant has won great praise from our clients.

20TPH Stationary drum mix asphalt plant in Zimbabwe

Thanks very much for their trust and choose ZOOMLINE asphalt plant at last. We will maintain a long-term relationship with our clients with better quality and better after-sale service.

Our drum mixing asphalt plant is suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized engineering projects. There are many models to choose. They are high quality and low price, simple operation and quick start.

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