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ZAP-S160 Asphalt Mixing Plant In Thailand

Time: July, 2019

Location: Nakhon Phanom, Thailand

Equipment: 160T/H Asphalt Mixing Plant

The customer, one of the biggest road & bridge construction enterprises in Thailand, has a good business relationship with ZOOMLINE. ZAP-S160 asphalt mixing plant was purchased again this year. The basic configurations include: bag dust removal, oil burner, two 40-tons asphalt tanks and other basic configurations. Two engineers were sent to Thailand for installation and commissioning and guide them to operate and maintain the plant.

Asphalt-Mixing-Plant-In-Thailand 1

1. Cold Aggregate Feed System

5 Cold feed bins, unload height 3.2m, unload width 3.2m, capacity 8m3/each; equipped with

sound-light alarm device for underfeeding.

Asphalt-Mixing-Plant-In-Thailand 4

2. Drum Dryer & Burning system

The drying drum is covered by 50mm rock wool insulation layer and the max capacity is 180 tons per hour.

Famous brand oil burner, specialized in flame control and human-computer interface, which is easily operate and energy-saving.

 Asphalt-Mixing-Plant-In-Thailand 3

3. The Mixing Tower Assembly

ZOOMLINE mixing tower mainly including the hot aggregate elevator, filler elevator, vibration screen, mixer, weighing system.

The Asphalt Mixer adopt 2x37kW motors. Power full enough to reach the rate capacity, even over the rated capacity 160t/h.

The weighing system using Mettler Toledo, which can make the weighing more accurate.

Festo cylinder ensures plenty air for opening the discharging doors.

ZAP-S160 Asphalt Mixing Plant In Thailand

4. The Bag house Dust Collecting System

Gravity type primary dust collector, included air passage and air chimney. It adopts USA DUPONT NOMEX exclusion filtering bags. Result of dust collection: Ringelman I, Air Emissions is less than 20mg/Nm3.

Asphalt-Mixing-Plant-In-Thailand 2

5. Control System and Control Room

Control room: 5.0m×2.2m×2.5m imitation container structure, reserved installation position for


Control desk includes PLC & touch screen and all the operation buttons and all the meter displays and protection function (Adopt OMRON PLC & Computer, and Schneider frequency converter)

ZAP-S160 Asphalt Mixing Plant In Thailand

6. Thermal Oil Heating System

600,000 kcal/hr thermal oil furnace with ITALYRIELLO diesel oil burner.

Thermal oil furnace with insulation layer 50mm, stainless Steel package.

Two 40Tons Bitumen Tank with 50mm insulation layer and stainless Steel package.

ZAP-S160 Asphalt Mixing Plant In Thailand

7. Fuel Oil Storage and Supplying System

Heavy oil pumping system and 30m3 Heavy Oil tank with 50mm rock wool isolation and thermal oil heating.



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