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240TPH Batch Asphalt Mixing Plant ZAP-S240

Time: March 26th to May 10th, 2016

Location: Xiangyang, Hubei, China

Equipment: 240TPH Batch Asphalt Mixing Plant

Time: From March 26th to May 10th, 2016

Location: Xiangyang, Hubei, China

Equipment: 240TPH Batch Asphalt Mixing Plant ZAP-S240 with 140T Asphalt Storage Silo

240TPH Batch Asphalt Mixing Plant ZAP-S240


On Feb. 2nd,2016, Near the China New Year, Mr. Meng ----the director of the Hubei branch of TEC Group who is one of the biggest road & bridge engineering company in China visited ZOOMLINE factory. The purpose of his visiting at this time is that their company need purchase one set 240TPH batch asphalt mixing plant for 125km highway road project. The highway will through Xiangyang City to Jingzhou City.

Our China sales manager Mr. Zhan guided Mr. Meng to check our factory and product. From raw material procurement to base processing, from assembly processing to shipment inspection. Mr. Meng ware very satisfied with our quality management system.

Finally, according to the solution of this highway project, like engineering standard is very high, and construction time is short. We recommend use the configuration as following for this set 240TPH asphalt mixing plant.

1), Using bag house dust collector

2), Using double finished asphalt storage silo with capacity 2 x 70T

3), Using one 55 m3 filler silo and one 30 m3 recycled filler silo

4), Using 4 x 50T bitumen tank with thermal oil heating system

Mr.Meng very agreed with the professional analysis of our sales manager Mr.Zhan. He told Mr.Zhan that he should come back to TEC company, and have a meeting for the final decision with their committee.


After one week, we got the call and purchase order from Hubei branch of TEC Group, and then signed the sale contract for this 240TPH asphalt mixing plant. But Mr. Meng emphasize that ZOOMLINE should finished the producing of this plant before Match 10th, 2016, and should install it before May 15th,2016.

So we still arranged the produce in the holiday of China New Year, and tried our best to finish this 204TPH asphalt mixing plant on time. And finally, we shipped this plant to the work site of TEC in Xiangyang on Match 8th,2016, and we finished the installation work on May 10th, 2016. Mr, Meng and TEC company were very happy for our timely shipment and installation.

Now this set 240TPH ZOOMLINE asphalt mixing plant ZAP-S240 start to working for the highway project.


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