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120TPH asphalt mix plant in Thailand

Time: July 31- September 23, 2016

Location: Krabi, Thailand

Equipment: 120TPH asphalt plant

The ZOOMLINE ZAP-S120 Asphalt Mixing Plant with rated capacity 120t/h. It adopt blue color which can match the surrounding environment mostly . The equipment 380V ,50HZ. It is same as Chinese electrical power supply.

asphalt mix plant-ZOOMLINE

1.Cold Aggregate Feeding System

ZOOMLINE cold aggregate feeding hoppers have a large capacity. It also equipped with oversize screen to avoid big size of stone falling into the hopper which can destroy or block the belt.

The each cold aggregate hoppers mounted with a proximity switch. It can provide alarm signal to the operator showing which hopper is less of stone.

The belt adopt seamless connection.It make the belt working more smoothly, and more strength.

2.Drum Dryer

The ZOOMLINE Drum Dryer using 4x11kw motor for driving the drum.So it is powerful enough to make sure the drying capacity can reach about 140t/h.

The rollers adopt friction drive, it can reduce the working noise.

The connection of 4 motor and the four big bearing, is active connection, it is easy for maintenance.

The Dryer assembly with automatic lubrication system, it will greatly reduce the workload. 

3.Oil Burner

To make sure the high heating efficiency and lower consumption cost. Zoomline Asphalt Mixing Plant adopt EBICO oil burner. It can burn both light oil and heavy oil.

4.The Mixing Tower Assembly

ZOOMLINE Mixing Tower mainly including the hot aggregate elevator, filler elevator,vibration screen, mixer,weighing system.

The Asphalt Mixer adopt 2x30kW motors. Power full enough to reach the rate capacity,even over the rated capacity 120t/h.

The weighing system using Mettler Toledo, which can make the weighing more accurate.

Festo cylinder, make sure there is plenty air provided for open the discharging doors.

There are TWO automatic lubrication system(LINCOLN brand) in the mixer tower. One is mounted on the top of hot aggregate elevator, which can provide grease for the elevator bearings and the vibration screen bearings. The anther one is for the mixer bearings.

Bag house Dust Collecting System of ZOOMLINE asphalt plant

5.The Bag house Dust Collecting System

Induced draft fan:2x45kW motors. it provide strong wind to take the dust away from drum dryer and mixing tower and go into the bag house, to make the dust collecting more efficient.

The bag adopt NOMEX brand. high temperature resistant.It also equipped with high temperature protection device, once the temperature reach the alarm setting temperature. The cold wind door will open to reduce the air temperature inside of the bag house.

ZOOMLINE bag house also can equipped with dust humidifier. So that to keep the dust discharging more environmental friendly.

Asphalt plant Control Room          Control System of asphalt plant

6. Control System and Control Room

ZOOMLINE Control Room: 5500x2200x2500mm, TWO layers.

The PLC adopt Siemens BrandThe relay, a.c contactor, breakers, buttons are all Siemens brand.

Frequency control are Schneider brand.

Touch screen Omron brand.

7.Air System

The air system of ZOOMLINE Asphalt Plant adopt famous SIRC brand. High quality and easy for operation, lower maintenance cost.

The cylinder and the electromagnetic valve are Festo brand, work more reliable.

batch asphalt plant

8.Electrical Storage & Heating Bitumen Tank

The Bitumen tank is using clean energy: electric.

The Bitumen tank capacity can be: 30T or 40T.

Each Bitumen tank equipped independent control box.

The Bitumen pump and pipes is wrapped with electrical heating tapes.

ZOOMLINE Bitumen tank, clean, environmental friendly and energy saving.                           

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