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ZAP-S120 Asphalt Plant in Thailand

Time: From June 28,2015 to August 9,2015

Location: Tar Province, Thailand

Equipment: ZAP-S120 Asphalt Mixing Plant

According to the Thailand customer's requirements,ZOOMLINE company dispatched two engineers to Tar province, Thailand to assist their working time to install and test the 120TPH Stationary asphalt mixing plant.Meanwhile,we trained their operator how to operate and maintain this asphalt plant.ZAP-S120 Asphalt Plant in Thailand

With the joint efforts of both sides, the whole asphalt plant was completed installation and tested on the date of August 9, 2015. The mixed material produced by our asphalt plant was inspected and accepted by the Thailand local high way officer. The quality of ZAP-S120 Asphalt Mixing Plant was highly praised by our customer.

ZOOMLINE 120TPH asphalt mixing plant is equipped with heavy oil burner, bag house filter, hot oil system and electrical heating bitumen tank. The total installation power is 390kw and details specification is as follows:

Cold Feed System

4 cold feed bins, frequency control, equipped with sound-light alarm device for underfeeding.

Drying System

T120 drying drum, Φ1750mm×8m, capacity: 130t/hr (aggregate moisture content: 3%; temperature rises to 140), driven by chain; the drying drum is covered by rock wool isolation work with stainless steel. The supporting roller bearings are equipped with automatic lubrication system, which is a great help to decrease labour in tensity and extend equipment’s life.

FRD-1000 heavy oil burner: Burner temperature control system, thermocouple temperature measuring equipment.

asphalt MixerZAP-S120 Asphalt Plant in Thailand

Double horizontal shaft forced mixer: 1500kg/batch, rated mixing cycle 45 seconds, rated capacity 120t/h, high mixing efficiency and stable quality of mixed material.

Bag House Filter equipped with dust humidification mixer

The asphalt plant is equipped with two-stage dust collection,primary cyclone dust collection and bag house dust collection. The bag house dust collection adopts Nomex Bags, the filtering area: 450㎡, impulse type, dust emission concentration: ≤20mg/Nm³, the dust collection is equipped with dust humidification mixer which further helps reduce dust pollution.

Control System

The control system adopts SIEMENS electrical components and Omron touch screen. There are manual operation and automatic operation for option. The PLC is automatic monitoring in the production process and the operation is very easy, intuitive and reliable working. Customer can choose manual operation in abnormal condition which is very convenient to production.

Bitumen heat and supply system

2x40Tons electrical heating bitumen tank.

Hot oil System

The burner for thermal oil furnace is diesel burner which has great fire and little fire, secondary flame control, automatic ignition, automatic fire-off, flame control and automatic failure warning function.

The temperature of the mixed mixture has reached 140℃-180℃ which meets the different requirements of the project.

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