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Split-type Silo

  • Application

    It is widely used for storing mineral powder and other powder materials


Sheet silo is a new type of silo, also called split silo. It is a new type of silo for factory and modular production and processing, which can be used after being assembled and connected with bolts after arriving at the construction site. All parts of the silo are completed by mechanical processing, which gets rid of the rough defects caused by manual welding and gas cutting caused by traditional on-site production, and has the advantages of beautiful appearance, short construction period, convenient installation, centralized transportation without size restrictions, reuse after use, and not affected by site conditions.


1. The diameter of the cement silo can be arbitrarily designed according to needs, and the storage capacity is large;

2. All silos implement standard modularization, short production cycle.

3. Reliable sealing structure: using special sealing strips, it can withstand the test of 200 degrees high temperature. After the sealing strip is compacted, the dust automatically burrows into the small gap, which has a self-sealing effect.

4. Not limited by transportation, quick and convenient disassembly and assembly, long service life, can realize multiple construction site reuse, greatly saving the user's secondary investment.

5. The roof of the warehouse is equipped with a negative pressure dust collector to further reduce the pollution of dust to the environment and has good environmental protection.

No. Model Unloading Height Diameter of the Silo Volume
1 SNC50 4200мм 3100мм 38м3
2 SNC100 4200мм 3100мм 70м3
3 SNC150 4200мм 3100мм 102м3
4 SNC200 6500мм 4400мм 147м3
5 SNC300 6500мм 5300мм 219м3




1.Capacity in tons at a material density of 1.5 t/m3.


2.The silo's volume can be tailored to meet customer requirements.

Split-type Cement Silo


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