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  • Polymer- Modified- Bitumen- Plant
  • Polymer-Modified-Bitumen-Plant-1
  • Polymer-Modified-Bitumen-Plant-2
  • Polymer-Modified-Bitumen-Plant-3

Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant

  • Application

    Polymer modified bitumen plant is mainly used in expressway, first class highway and airport runway and etc


Introduction to SG series modified asphalt equipment:

Type SG series modified asphalt equipment is my company after modification of the various domestic and imported processing equipment comprehensive performance analysis and contrast to gather many long, combined with our company for 17 years in the asphalt transportation, polymer modified asphalt grinding, finished product storage area accumulated rich experience, through continuous improvement and perfect after a high quality, high reliability of the modified asphalt processing equipment.High degree of automation, simple operation, clear interface flow, other polymer modified asphalt processing functions reserved for the equipment.

Modified asphalt complete set of equipment composition:

SG series of modified asphalt equipment suitable for the production of a variety of polymer modified asphalt, modifiers can be SBS, SBR, EVA, PE, etc...

The equipment is mainly composed of swelling stirring, instantaneous temperature rise, measurement, grinding, finished product incubation, electrical control and other systems.

1. Swelling stirring system

This equipment adopts the circulating heating mode of channel steel heat conduction oil outside the swelling mixing tank. Through the specific design of the tank body and the stirring blade slurry, there is no dead Angle in the tank, and the tank is sufficiently stirred without plugging.The agitator adopts grease lubricated cycloidal needle wheel reducer, which has high output efficiency, strong anti-environment ability and long maintenance cycle.The tank is equipped with a pressure sensor designed by our company for high temperature and high viscosity liquid level detection. The human-computer interactive operation interface can visually observe the liquid level status in the tank. The tank body is equipped with temperature sensor, liquid level limiter, valve signal sensor and other functions, with high safety performance.

2. Heating system

The system consists of asphalt pump, frequency converter, temperature sensor, heat exchanger, and the corresponding of valve pipe, under the automatic constant temperature program control, according to the temperature sensor measuring the heat exchanger of import and export temperature difference comparison, through the PID closed-loop control, the asphalt pump the infinite frequency conversion adjustment, in order to achieve constant output of asphalt set temperature, asphalt airtight environment under elevated temperature in a short time, won't produce asphalt aging phenomenon.

3. Metering system

The measurement of asphalt is measured by high precision asphalt flowmeter, and the mechanical data of flow meter counter is converted into impulse electric signal. The pulse signal received by PLC is calculated by high speed counter, and the set asphalt value is reached to stop the feed asphalt pump automatically.Modifier composed of metering tank and weighing module, weighing module of signals through the amplifier amplification, calculated by the program of PLC receives the amplified signal, set the required amount, to the set value automatically stop, auxiliary measurement and measurement, asphalt, according to the need to add the complete process automatically into the next feeding program.

4. Grinding system

Reasonable to add high viscosity modified asphalt mixture delivery pump with two high-speed shear colloid mill series, modified asphalt grinding system, a grinding after two grinding machine twice high-speed shear grinding can achieve ideal effect, specifically for high shear grinding motor, stator to design new asphalt mixture in the grinding chamber, z-shapge motion mode of asphalt mixture in a very short period of time for cutting and grinding, countless times modified asphalt refining and production efficiency.

5. Control system

The man-machine interactive operation interface developed by imported PLC+ force control configuration is adopted. The working interface includes asphalt temperature of matrix, real-time display of asphalt metering, real-time display of modifier metering, dynamic liquid level display, real-time display of auxiliary metering, and intuitive display of process flow production. The operation interface is clear and clear.Set a maximum density of asphalt modification, liquid level alarm control, mill pump and high speed shear grinding machine is equipped with frequency converter, through the PLC control automatic regulating current, the system data can be set, all production batch data automatically preserve, convenient query, production statements printing function, continuous production line production process, high production efficiency, stable and reliable performance.

6. Finished product incubation system

The prepared modified asphalt is stored in the finished product incubator tank, and is continuously stirred and inoculated. The stabilizer through the test formula is added to ensure the modified asphalt has good thermal storage stability.

Name/Model SG-5 SG-10 SG-15 SG-20 SG-30 SG-40 SG-50
Productivity ≥5 ≥10 ≥15 ≥20 ≥30 ≥40 ≥50
Electrical power 60kw 100kw 160kw 200kw 240kw 350kw 420kw
Working voltage 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz
Main engine size 4800*2200*2200 6000*2400*2700 8500*2400*2700 10200*2400'2700 10500*2400*2700 4500*2200*2200 5500*2200*2200
Swelling make up tank 1.5m3 3m3 6m 3*2 6m3*2 6m3*2 18m3*2 22m3*2
Agitator power 2.2kw 4kw 7.5kw*2 7.5kw*2 7.5kw*2 15kw*2 22kw*2
Matrix asphalt pump 9.8m3/h 4kw 24m3/h 7.5kw 34m 3/h 11kw 34m3/h 11kw 42m3/h 11kw 56m3/h 15kw 56m3/h 15kw
Plate heat exchanger 40m2 80m2 100m2 100m2 120m2 200m2 300m2
Mill transfer pump 9.8m3/h 4kw 24m3/h 7.5kw 34m3/h 11kw 34m3/h 11kw 34m3/h 11kw 52.5m3/h 18.5kw 52.5m 3/h 18.5kw
High speed shear mill 45kw 75kw 90kw 75kw*2 90kw*2 132kw*2 160kw*2
Matrix asphalt meter ing Asphalt flowmeter Asphalt flowmeter Asphalt flowmeter Asphalt flowmeter Asphalt flowmeter Asphalt flowmeter Asphalt flowmeter
Modifier measurement Electronic scale Vector measurement Vector measurement Vector measurement Vector measurement Vector measurement Vector measurement
Control room size   3000*2400*2600 3000*2400*2600 3000*2400*2600 3000*2400*2600 4000*2400*2600 4000*2400*2600
Operating system Manual button operation PLC+Engineering operation PLC+Engineering operation PLC+Engineering operation PLC+Engineering operation PLC+Engineering operation PLC+Engineering operation



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