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Cummins diesel generator sets has the advantage of high reliability, easy maintenance, long running time and long working hours.

Technical parameters of Cummins diesel generator sets
Output Voltage: 400V/230V Output Current: 180A
Rated frequency: 50Hz Fuel oil#:
(standard)0#diesel(normal temperature)
Rated rotate speed: 1500rpm Noise(db): ≤100
Technical parameters of diesel engine
Cooling method: closed water circulation cooling Oil supply method: direct injection
Number of cylinders / cylinder structure: inline L6 Speed control mode: electronic speed control
Start mode: DC24V electric start Air intake mode: turbocharged
Technical parameters of generator
Wiring method:
three-phase four-wire, Y-connection
Insulation class: H class
Rated Voltage: 400V/230V Adjustment method:
AVR (automatic voltage regulator)



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