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Working principle

Using the principle of cumulative measurement of weighing sensor, the metering value is preset; the system runs automatically (the running signal is the discharging signal of the mixing device sanding weighing hopper); when the metering reaches the set value, the system automatically stops running, which can realize each Delivery and addition of fiber materials.

Control system and control form:

PLC programmable control, using flow and weighing secondary measurement methods, can achieve manual and automatic control.

Delivery form:

The high-pressure fan is used to feed the fiber material into the high-level discharge bin and then into the mixer.

Delivery effect:

It is quick and accurate, ensuring full dispersion before dry mixing and full mixing with the mixture.

Main Feature

1. Multi-purpose: It can transport flocculent and granular lignin fiber, polyester, polypropylene, polyacrylonitrile fiber and mineral fiber, anti-rutting agent and other floc, filament or granular materials to achieve multi-purpose.

2. Unique metering and control system: It adopts flow metering and closed-loop automatic control electronic weighing system, with high measurement accuracy, weighing accuracy of ±0.10%; large conveying capacity, material conveying capacity can be set between 3~30kg (times/batch) . Remote controlling can be achieved (optional).

3. Synchronization: The equipment runs synchronously with the asphalt mixing plant, and has the function of material shortage and feeding abnormality alarm.

4. Rapid material output: The material output adopts a unique wind conveying mechanism and scientific solid-gas ratio design, which makes the conveying fast, and ensures that the fiber material is sent to the mixer within 3 seconds, and the conveying height can reach 20 meters.

5. The high-position discharge device is adopted to effectively separate the conveying air from the fiber material, thereby reducing the adverse effect of the high-pressure air on the mixed material in the mixer.

Main parameters of the equipment:

Hopper volume ≥ 2m3

Discharge time: 2-3s

Power: 10.5KW

Measurement accuracy: ±0.10%

Production capacity: 30kg max (times / batch)

Conveying capacity: 3-30kg arbitrarily set

Maximum height of delivery: 20 meters


1.Storage hopper  2.Material regulating valve  3.Screw conveyor 

4.Weighing hopper  5.Material butterfly valve  6.Rotary feeding valve

7.Mixer  8.Directional control valve  9.Conveying blower  10.Weighing sensor

11.Program controller  12.High position discharging hopper 

13.Discharging valve  14.Mixer


Mode SMA-100ZL YTJ-100ZL
Hopper volume ≥1m3
Type of additive Solid liquid
Main power 18.5kw 3.75kw
Batch capacity 0-30kg 0-8kg
Discharge time 2-3 S 2-3 S
Maximum conveying height 20m

Solid Additive System


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