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AR-3000M asphalt repairing machine is specially designed for fast, economic and conveniently repaired bitumen road small pits, breakage and cracking, can make use of waste asphalt mixture at the operating site.

That is digging up or milling the serious broken asphalt concrete road, recycling the old asphalt mixture, and crushing and screening, then mixing with part of new aggregate and bitumen according to certain ratio, and get acquired asphalt mixture that can meet the demand of the road.

Brief introduction
Power system:
Include GX620 (20Hp) Honda engine, hydraulic pump, hydraulic control valve, hydraulic motor, cylinder and components. Provide power to regeneration rotary furnace rotation and movement, bitumen pump driven and AC generator driven.

Electronic control system:
Include control handle and kinds of control condensers, complete solenoid valve control action, easy to operate.

Regeneration converter:
Including regeneration converter, converter flip frame, converter guard, front cover etc, mainly complete the regulate of asphalt mixture and heating mixing operation of new aggregate, can complete converter riverside and converter up and down during the operation.

Bitumen spraying system:
Including insulation bitumen tank, bitumen spray pump, electric heating insulation spray pipe etc, mainly complete transparent layer viscous oil spread and small area bitumen spraying operation during pit remediation.

Max capacity: 1000kg/batch(standard condition) Asphalt concrete block weight:5kg
Converter incline angle:50°(upper);30°(down) Converter speed: 8~12r/min
Engine: Honda air cooling four stroke, power 20Hp, fuel consumption: 230g/hp·h Outer demission: 4580×2170×2470(mm × mm × mm)
Net weight: 3.2t Fuel: Gas
Driving mode: full hydraulic drive
Bitumen Spraying system Bitumen tank volume:300L
Bitumen pump: 3t/h
Air brush: electric heating insulation
Burner: gas heating and electric heating insulation
Pneumatic control system Can realize remote wireless operation
Electric heating can realize automatic temperature control
The tail part can connect the trailer through trailer plug


  1. The product has chassis itself, easy to tow, can move from site to site rapidly.
  2. Automatic power unit (Engine), has no need of auxiliary power supply.
  3. Site recycling waste asphalt concrete, road maintenance was small affected by the seasonal temperature.
  4. The whole machine adopts imported Honda power, hydraulic transmission, fewer daily maintenance points, easy to use and reliable.
  5. Recycling waste asphalt protect the environment and reduce costs.
  6. Can produce 3 tons recycled mixtures per hour.
  7. Has power output function (220V/1000KW).
  8. Can connect external power, to realize automatically insulation to the bitumen


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