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Oil Burner

  • Application

    Our oil burner is mainly used in asphalt mixing plant, boiler, dry (such as brick kiln), metallurgy and other industries

  • Fineness

    Manual /Automatic


ZRS series light heavy oil burner is ignite the burning oil after is fully atomized by burning nozzle and keep sustained combustion.

ZRS series oil burner is specially designed based on the complex working conditions of asphalt mixing plant. ZRS oil burner has the features of uniform atomizing, simple structure, low consumables and low running cost. 

The structure of the ZRS series oil burner
ZRS oil burner is split type structural design which means the main body, draught fan, pump, valve box and control system are divided into independent mechanism. It has the features of high output power, easy maintenance and gas ignition. 
  1. ZRS series light oil and heavy oil burner is ignition after oil injection through burner nozzle when the burning oil fully atomized and keep burning.
  2. ZRS series oil burner is specially designed on the basis of complex operation condition of asphalt mixing plant, with evenly atomized, simple structure, less loss and low operation cost.
  3. The oil burner adopt fissional structure design. That is the main machine, fan, pump group, valve group and control system separated. It features high output power, easy maintenance, using gas ignition, wide proportion to adjust(Generaly 1:4-1:6), with low demand of burning oil.
  4. According to the practical use situation analysis, generally it maintain good atomizing and combustion when working pressure keep 2-2.5Mpa.


Model Induced Fan Power (kw) Oil Consumption(kg/h) Fuel Type Working Pressure Fuel Calorific
ZRS40 7.5 70-280 Diesel/Heavy oil Heavy oil:20-25bar
Heavy oil:
ZRS80 15 140-560 Diesel/Heavy oil
ZRS120 22 210-840 Diesel/Heavy oil
ZRS160 30 240-1250 Diesel/Heavy oil
ZRS240 37 280-1680 Diesel/Heavy oil
ZRS320 45 374-2240 Diesel/Heavy oil
ZRS400 55 470-2800 Diesel/Heavy oil

Oil Burner

Oil Burner


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