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Gas Burner

  • Application

    Our Gas&oil burner is mainly used in asphalt mixing plant, boiler, dry (such as brick kiln), metallurgy and other industries

  • Motor Power



This series is automatic adjustable gas/LPG/CNG/LNG burnerr, Manufacturer using advanced Italian technology to refine it, all kinds of residue can be internal combustion, enjoying a good reputation by domestic and foreign customers.

1 metal hose                                2 Gas control valve

3 servo                                        4 Fans soft link

5 blowers                                    6 mental hose

7 Nozzle hydraulic table                8 fire check valve

9 ignition                                    10 gas pressure gauge

11 fuel nozzle

A oil entering

D compressed air

E igniter gas







Electronic frequency modulation ratio burner is EBICO Italian company developed the most energy-efficient & environmentally intelligent security burner

Large ratio of 1:10 , start smoothly, high precision temperature control.

When the power constant flame shape can be adjusted , solved the problem of non-removable-zone, achieved the best match with various drying cylinders.

For a variety of fuels (such as all kinds of oil, gas, oil and gas multi-use) which adopts low pressure oil supply, air (steam) atomization , oil gun adopts advanced Y-shaped design principles, so atomizing media consumption is small.

Separate structure, light weight, to avoid combustion resonance stress damage, changeable installation, easy maintenance, durable.

Strong anti-resistance capability and negative, suitable for a variety of complex conditions and situations, and the use of working conditions is low.

No need silencer, noise below environmental standards, In safety, energy conservation and environmental protection etc aspects, meet stringent European standards. Intelligent PLC control, Mechanical ratio adjustment control, various control modes, intelligent control contained frequency control so reduces electric consumption.

Oil burner adopts internal recycle supply oil and quantitative secondary heating system, saving primary heating fuel consumption.

Gas burner adopts gas ring design, to meet low NOx emission standards.

The burner can recycle hot air below 250°, according to different air temperature, energy savings 3-9.5%.

This series burner suit for 500-7500 model asphalt plant. Available fuel: gas, light oil, mixed oil, heavy/ residual oil, oil/gas dual fuel.

Model Output power (kw) Gas Consumption(Nm3/h) Fuel Type Operation Mode Fan Motor (kw)
ZRS40G 1116-4240 116-424 LNG/Gas Ratio adjustment 11
ZRS60G 698-6980 70-698 LNG/Gas 18.5
ZRS80G 1116-11160 113-1133 LNG/Gas 30
ZRS120G 1563-15630 158-1580 LNG/Gas 37
ZRS160G 2000-20000 203-2030 LNG/Gas 45


Gas Burner


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